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« Last post by SvetikSep on Today at 12:31:20 pm »
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The R142A in this video is whats to come in its next update. The download was taken down for an update by its main developer.
NOTE: All sounds are not final for this train.
Wow... amazing work. You sure are right about those pics doing all the talking.  8)
Pics will talk:
(I made the 1985 R42 a while ago and forgot to show it, still needs to be updated with new model and textures)

NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread For The R68/R68A
« Last post by iTransitFan on June 28, 2018, 05:18:15 pm »
Y'all planning on starting on the 68A soon? Just curious
Trains in the Tottenville station and the small layup yard.

Looking great, can't wait for the finished route.  8)
Initially I attempted to build a yard using RAIL commands.  That was nearly impossible.  It was therefore built as an individual object which will be sliced up at 25 meter intervals.  I have a dynamic signal generator which is a text file and uses include files to set parameters via the $Sub command.  That text file is included in the loaded CSV file to run the game.  I will use the signal generator to add signals to the yard.  Furthermore I may build a train placement generator based on car identifier.
The yard is also home to the T train which uses the new technology trains R160 and R179.  For testing purposes I drive using the R1.  I wanted to build a train.  This is my first attempt.  Trains are configured as ABBBA, 10 car units.  Car numbers 8525-8529 and 8692-8696 have destination MAIN ST TOTTENVILLE.  Car numbers 8703-8707 and 8804-8808 have destination 125 ST BROADWAY.  Each individual unit has approximately 250 faces.  Shown here is a TOTTENVILLE train.

Hi everyone.  Its been a while, but I am still building. I am nearly at the Arthur Kill Station and decided to deviate a little.  The T train must have a subway yard.  The area bounded by Richmond Valley Road, Page Avenue, an the old Nassau facility is called Mill Creek.  It is flat and an ideal location for a yard and maintenance facility.  What I did was model a yard based on the Corona Yard.  It will need to be broken up in slices to render properly.

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