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Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice man, you gonna work on the Post-GOH afterwards or just leave it as the Pre-GOH?
 :o :o :o The 42 looks great, amazing work!!
NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread for the NYCTA IND Routes
« Last post by bigbellymon4 on March 05, 2018, 08:14:29 pm »
Here we go!!! After constant testing on the Exp, the signals and trippers have been deemed "sufficient" at working together when coded into the routes. There are 3 different types of signaling used here, so please read the description of the video for a further analysis on how the route coding is functioning. Enjoy!!!

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New update on the R42:

Exterior and interior finally rebuilt, 3D straphangers, made some new 1969' interior route map rollsign (in which I'll need to lower the resolution unfortunately due to black/white textures sometimes happening) that I didn't finish yet, only finished the E, F and KK routes.
Note that I'll also make LQ version of the train for low end computers with 2D straphangers and lower rollsign textures resolution and size.
The lighting differences between "A" and "B" cars will be fixed and door indicators on the outside will be added.
Regarding the bonnet I'm mentally preparing myself and I'll keep that for the last.
Anyways here are screenshots:

The default ones that I put on will be released(nothing fictional) but I will add the template I created for both the R142 and the R142A so people can create their own fictional or maybe any that we missed for personal use. Before release I will make a video of showing all the LED's for both trains and during or after release I'll make another video showing how to create your own through the template and codes.
BVEFan are you ??
Looking good! Can we have some screenshots of the pre-GOH R40 Slant?
I will work on the slant after I finish the R40M. The R42 is finally rebuild, I'm currently fixing the shadows on the cars with the lights turned off and making new interior rollsigns, stay tuned for new screens later
Looking good! Can we have some screenshots of the pre-GOH R40 Slant?
Having issues with the LED sign on the 3rd to last car
The R142/A Destination and Interior LED signs are compatible with OpenBVE Just to Let you guys know.
Content Development / Me and my friend are making a R179.
« Last post by R160Railfan on February 28, 2018, 05:36:25 pm »
But i don't know how to edit the model. I want to fix a gap on the B3D train model, how would i be able to do it? do i drag the train model to sketchup or something?
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