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Well said.
It's that type of attitude that will get this project cancelled, it almost got cancelled once. The fact that it is taking this long means that the train will be heavily detailed because they are putting a lot of time and energy into it. To add to that they are doing this train on their free time. So I respectfully ask you to wait and enjoy any other train like the new R68.
Inital Release date: March.
Current Date: July 24

Any updates since March? No.
idk im thinking there might never be a R142A
when is the R142/A getting released
Other Projects / Re: (WIP) 1970s A, J, M and 6 lines
« Last post by BadriveR142A on July 23, 2017, 03:28:25 pm »
I have good news, the J is nearly done, but I will not release it until the M is finished because I can't find the object I'm looking for so I don't know when It will be ready but it will be very soon. Also I got the permission from JayJay85 to upload the object pack and the routes, remember that I just retextured his objects.

So here are the buses, beams and the beamsigns themselves:

There's still a few more modifications only on the underground stations, and I'll post the last screenshots. Then I will finish the M line and I will release both lines together, stay tuned
Wow, haven't been on this for a while and a lot of progress has been made. Good job :)
Has work started on the R179 yet?
NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread for the NYCTA IND Routes
« Last post by iTransitFan on July 18, 2017, 09:45:16 pm »
Beautiful progress so far, Wiz.
Art & Graphic Design / Re: NYCTA Realistic drawings
« Last post by BadriveR142A on July 18, 2017, 03:32:52 pm »
I've finally finished this:

A R142A 6 train in a tunnel, completely "mousemade" (don't forget that I'm making these drawings on
But I will upload some of my handmade ones in the future.

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