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Slight update on West 4th interlocking. Switches are a LOT more work than I thought they would be lol

Suffering from burn out with developing the A N/B, so I decided to code West 4th interlocking southbound. I don't know what route it will be placed in yet (Southbound F/M, rerouted A/C/E are a few options) but for now, here are some pics of it. If something doesn't match, it is because it is temporary. Enjoy!!

A R32 switching to the local Southbound track to enter West 4th Street station on the lower level

How do i edit the number of cars in the set from 10 cars to 3,9,5 cars

You read up on the Train developer wiki here to change the amount of cars

 :o :o :o The 42 looks great, amazing work!!

Here we go!!! After constant testing on the Exp, the signals and trippers have been deemed "sufficient" at working together when coded into the routes. There are 3 different types of signaling used here, so please read the description of the video for a further analysis on how the route coding is functioning. Enjoy!!!

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NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread for the NYCTA IND Routes
« on: February 24, 2018, 11:24:28 pm »
Queens Blvd looking good!! Great work!!


tl;dr: The trippers have made a comeback, and are "working" (not fully done yet) in the routes. However, to actually trip trains in game, train developers need to add code to the train for the brakes to go into emergency after passing a red signal. Video coming soon.

As we all know, the signal trippers were in development for some time years ago, and when they were eventually coded into the route, one of the major problems was after the first car passed over the tripper, the 2nd to 8th/2nd to 10th/2nd to 11th cars would be "tripped". Another problem was the trippers were coded in as signals, so it was complicated to make sure the aspect signal (which shows red, yellow, green) change correctly and then make sure the tripper was also down/up at the correct moments, otherwise there would be "signal failure" (pun intended). So, here is another work in progress of mine and some pics to show of how the signals should function. There will eventually be a video showing how the signals work, and making sure they clear properly as the train passes. The signals perform like the real life counterpart, all that is left is for train developers to add commands to make sure a train is tripped once it passes a red signal, whether or not the operator activates the emergency brakes. I might still have some bugs to iron out, as there are still some weird things going on. Anyways, enough chatting, here are the photos. There are captions above each to explain what is going on in the image. Enjoy!!!

The undercarriage of a train is above, with the B division tripper in the down position to the left.

Same tripper, camera moved to the left to show the signal is red, the train is above the tripper, and the tripper is still down.

Regular old signal, with the tripper in the up position.

Train has just passed this signal, and the tripper is still down to prevent tripping of other cars.

Train has passed 2nd signal. The foreground signal has its tripper up, allowing a train behind the camera to approach it. Two signals is the usually the distance between trains in the NYC subway.

Train has passed a 3rd signal. The foreground signal turns yellow, and the next one is red with its tripper up. Same two signal distance again.

Train has passed a 4th signal. Foreground goes green, next one goes yellow, next is red with tripper up, next is red with tripper down.


A little bit more work has been started, and this work is the express version!! Sure, skipping 104th and 111th aint much, but it does happen, so there will be a route for it.

The sign shop has been extremely busy lately.....

Grant column got its finishing touch done. Old on the left, new and final on the right.

New Years Update of the A Shuttle! Underground section is making progress, walls and columns are placed. Signs and staircases and minor detailing are left for the underground, while the elevated is basically finished besides the switches to be completed at Rockaway Blvd (that's an organized mess lol). Enjoy the photos!

Roof removed view of Euclid Avenue

Track view of Euclid Avenue, Manhattan bound

Euclid Avenue, with columns and wall in distance

Track view of Grant Avenue

Grant Avenue wall, and column

View down the track, with the elevated in the distance

View of Grant Avenue with "provisioning" for the high ceilings of the station

« on: January 03, 2018, 10:09:26 pm »
Asking people to make projects is not the best solution. Most times, you will need to learn how to develop for BVE and create the line yourself. Also, if you learn how to develop, you can all different kinds of projects you want/choose.

Learn to develop, as there is a small to 0 chance anyone is going to make the route for you.

The staircases got some more work, but instead of having more pictures, here is the video to show them! Everything here is a Work In Progress (WIP), so there will be errors. Enjoy the video, and subscribe to my channel to get future updates of the Uptown A!!

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Preview of the new staircase for the A line. Texture taken by me, modded and coded for BVE by another developer. Platform signs are all done by me. Video preview of 111th and 104th coming soon!!

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: OpenBVE locked at 40fps
« on: November 14, 2017, 10:07:41 pm »
I still don't know. I remember when I played around with 3D settings with OpenBVE via the Nvidia control panel, but I messed up a little and had 20fps on the R30 so I removed OpenBVE from the custom graphic 3D settings and set it back to basic high performance settings and the game got back to normal (still 40fps), I might try again messing with graphic settings. The second thing I thought about would be upgrading to 1.5.2 version hoping to get more framerates but I'm not sure because I already heard that people have issues with it so I might stay with because it's working good unlike the previous 1.5.1 versions

Reinstall the latest graphics driver (or download the latest one if you haven't yet) to clear any settings that might be the issue. I am currently running OpenBVE version right now with no issues, 60 fps max. I don't know if the latest ( will cause any issues with gameplay.

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