Author Topic: [RSR] openBVE v1.2.8 increased rendering , openBVE v1.2.9 dev release  (Read 4224 times)

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openBVE v1.2.8 and increased rendering speed, openBVE v1.2.9 development branch with cross-platform .NET plugin support, Cross-City South v2.0 update, and openBVE performance with budget versus high-end CPUs, and discrete versus on-board graphics
13 October 2010, 7:20 pm

Updated: 16th October 2010 @ 22:50 UTC openBVE v1.2.8 released, with significant rendering speed improvements openBVE v1.2.8 was released recently, which includes a reorganised renderer which can provide significantly higher framerates than the old renderer found in v1.2.7.4. This is achieved by rendering opaque faces (i.e. faces without alpha), using OpenGL display lists. There are [...]

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