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NYCTA Projects / (WIP) L line
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:54:37 pm »
Hello! I think some of you already know me with my 1970s NYCTA routes project! Anyways, I decided to start working on the L line and make a decent detailed route with smooth curves, switches and walls of course; as no official W.I.P. route has been announced yet. This version will include 2010s, 1990s-2000s, 1980s & 1970s LL line. So I'm gonna try my best to work on it as fast as possible even though I'm working on the 1970s 8th Avenue line along, and have school. I have a lot of work here so don't be surprised if this project will go slow.

Since I started not a long time ago I'm only at Rockaway Parkway, and it's already big work here because of the yard and the building at the end of the platform I need to make. Anyways, here is my work so far:

As you can see, nothing really special here, hopefully we will see more progress soon! But I just wanted to let you know that a L route is being worked on!

Thank you!

Link to my 1970s NYCTA Routes project:

BVE/OpenBVE Support / OpenBVE locked at 40fps
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:51:56 am »
After I got my new laptop in fall July, I noticed not a long time ago that my framerates won't go above 40. I thought it was because my anti-aliasing was set to max and was quite satisfied to get 40fps. But I realized that I still have 40 fps on low detailed trains and routes, even with the anti-aliasing completely disabled! And my specs are:   -Intel Core i5  6300HQ 2.30Ghz
                                            -Nvidia Geforce GTX950M 4GB
                                            -8GB of RAM
                                            -SSD 120 Go and HDD 1To (OpenBVE is on SSD)
                                            -Windows 10 x64bit

Game version is: and I run it with the High performance Nvidia settings of course. But OpenBVE runs at 60 fps.

For example: I have 25fps in exterior view with the R142A (since it's a very high detailed train) on v1.5.1.5 while on v1.4.3.1 I get 35fps. WTF?

 Hello again, after all the issues I had with all the newer versions of OpenBVE with NYCTA content, I realized the v1.5.1.5 came out and got told that it would fix all the memory problems or other problems causing the malfunction of the NYCTA Routes & Trains.

So I gave it a try hoping it will finally work and directly loaded the D with the new R68 since they are big in terms of memory, just to see if the game can handle them, but no, still blinking/white textures and low FPS!

It's frustrates me so much that the v1.4.3.1 works soooo good, even with the R68 on the D: decent FPS, no blinking/missing textures; just working like it should be!!! So I don't think that this is due to my specs!
But the new version, nothing changed since the last 1.5 versions, well at least for me, because it works fine with one of my friend!
I tried changing graphic settings as well, no-thing!

But I think the only problem that might cause this, is that I'm still using Windows 7, does the v1.5.1.5 requires only Windows 10? Let me know please.

BVE/OpenBVE Support / (FIXED) N Garbage Train AI derailment
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:54:36 am »
Ok, I'm experiencing a weird glitch on the N line with the garbage train scenario: everytime the AI Train in front of me derails on the curve before arriving at the Queensboro Plaza Station. I reinstalled the route but still nothing. Is there any way to just remove that AI train the hell out of this route???

Other Projects / [RELEASED] (WIP) 1970s Routes
« on: June 30, 2017, 03:05:54 am »
For the IRT SMEE pack , the R16, R27, R30, PreGOH R32/R38/R44/R46, the future PreGOH R40/M/R42 and other upcomming old trains, I'm actually  making most of the 1970s routes so these trains can finally regain a taste of their old life on the tracks of not only the old dirty and dangerous network of the New York subway as it appeared during the late 70s and the early 80s, but the calm & chill subway of the late 60s and early 70s as well, just when the beautiful clean R40 series appeared!

I'm actually basing myself of the released routes, and all I do is replacing and adding new objects and textures, and edit the routes so there will be different scenarios in each lines.

I recommend you to scroll down to the latest posts because it's getting really interesting, otherwise you will go through a lot of old screenshots with crappy textures as placeholders, unless you are very interested on how I proceeded.

Any support will be greatly appreciated. Have a very nice day!

UPDATE: Oct 26, 2017

Here is my main project so you know what lines I will work on.

As you can see I added a new version of the Nassau St Lines, that will include new scenarios from 168 St Jamaica on the J/KK/QJ, from Rockaway Pky on the KK, QJ and M to Coney Island, and also better textures and more accurate objects and details.

Download links for the Nassau St routes at page 3

Download links for the Beta 1973 A line to Euclid Av at page 7

Hello again, so there's something that I don't like in most of the routes that have outside ballasted sections such as the Rockaway and  Brighton lines, is that the run sound of the train is the same as when running on concrete in tunnels, and it's so unrealistic. I mean that when you are running on outside ballasted tracks, the sound should be like a clear "clac-clac clac-clac". I know there's a way to change that but Idk how, and where, because I took a look in the sound.cfg of some of the trains and saw:

0 = sounds/run0.wav   ;underground concrete
4 = sounds/run4.wav   ;outside gravel/ballasted

but it will not solve the problem since both Underground concrete and outside ballasted sections of the route are using the "run0", so I think I should edit the route file, so I can put the "run4" sound on outside ballasted sections, but I don't know how.
Any help would be appreciated!

BVE/OpenBVE Support / [RESOLVED] R46 4 car set problem
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:52:45 pm »
Ok, I downloaded the G line a while ago and wanted to test it with the 4 car set of R46. When the game started, the first thing I've noticed was that the cab was completely out of the tracks and then I heard that the sounds were high pitched, I inspected the sound folder of the 4 car set and the sounds were ok.
This is the only problem that I've got at the moment so it's not a missing dependencie issue.

I was using the version and now I installed the version, and I did not try yet because I'm moving all Routes and Trains from the older version and it takes a while, plus I haven't downloaded all dependencies yet.
My idea is: I should change the extension.cfg file from the 8 car set myself and see if it works fine.
But first I will try on version of BVE whithout changing anything once I get everything installed.

I just want to know where the problem comes from, this is why I posted this.

Hello! Just by the way: if any admin is reading this, can you send me a private message regarding my other topic? Having trouble, thank you.

Ok, so it's not a big problem but I want to find out how to put the camera options from the version of OpenBVE in the one.
What I mean by the the camera options, is that you can switch cars in the exterior view, because sometimes I love riding the subway as a passenger in OpenBVE.
In the version, when I press num1 or num7 while in exterior view, I can put the exterior camera on any car, and focus the camera on the car or the front truck, meaning that you can see the car sway or no, which was cool!
In the version, I can only ride the first car and when I press num1 or num7 it just puts me on the next or the previous point of interest of the route. Also some trains like the R27 Olive and R30 S&B and the R32 Pre GOH have their exterior camera based on the front truck, so I can only ride them seeing the car sway, which is annoying.

But you might ask: Why just not use the version?

I could, but the problem is that NYCTA doesn't work proprely with this version, probably because I didn't got all the dependencies, but I had all the required ones, but still didn't work correctly, a lot of errors, white textures, lags!! So I had enough and found the version with all dependencies and NYCTA worked perfectly!!! No problems and errors! But I liked how you could go in other cars just by pressing Num1, and the older version didn't have this so I got quite disapointed. I know it's pointless but I just want to ride the TOMC on the 6 line and switch between cars. So I tried replacing controls.cfg, keyboard assignements but still nothing: when I was pressing num1 it just putting me on the next point of interest of the route.

Any help would be appreciated!
Have a great day!

Art & Graphic Design / NYCTA Realistic drawings
« on: June 05, 2017, 04:31:48 am »
Hi, I've started a new topic here because I'm drawing some subways from NYC (modern or old)
on, if you have any suggestions (what subway car on what line and station, night or day, date [year]. etc.), let me know in this topic, but I will also upload my own drawings sometimes.
ATTENTION: Since I'm working on other games, and I have high school (although it's the summer holidays soon) some of the drawings would take a long time to make, but it will be faster during holidays don't worry!

And, to get a first impression of my art work, I will later upload one of my art work.

Have a good day!

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