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A clip from the 80's
« on: July 02, 2011, 03:53:29 am »
Ok due to the high levels of boredem and that i cant sleep Ive decided to look around at some old videos on youtube. So while looking for videos i bumped into a clip of the NYC subway in the 1980's. Very rare to find this indeed. This video was posted on youtube not too long ago. lets say 3 - 4 months i guess. Anyways i made this post if you guys were interested in seeing it. Some of you people might have already seen it, but o well  :D. Also the sound is off, the original video didnt have sound in it so the owner decided to insert some audio

New York Subway 1986 NYC -directors cut- with stereo audio track.mpg

- Video does not belong to me
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