Author Topic: FRT is Coming Back  (Read 6997 times)

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FRT is Coming Back
« on: November 16, 2017, 01:17:20 pm »
Hello everyone I am Martell the Creator of the FRT 11 and 12, originally known as Suiduj. Also Developed the Unreleased 13 and 16 and a Fictional Central Park Shuttle for BVE, I have been involved with Trainz over the past year getting familiar with it, I haven't mastered Object Creation for it yet but I have been developing the skeleton versions of these routes in them. I lost a lot of the Developer tools I used for BVE but I still remember how to code the old .rw files and familiar with .csv's. I did start re-texturing the 12 but some of the track needs updating as I have changed it a bit since then, I was a teenager when I developed them, many of the object were borrowed with the exception of the walls, and object manipulation for the lighting. I am not familiar with the full capabilities of OpenBVE yet to edit the routes in the timely manner but I will be working on them and bring them back to modern standards, once thats done the old versions will be dropped off into an archive I will be making a new site for them. As well as completing the 11. But I will be prioritizing my efforts in Trainz first will update as I go along.

My Trainz Updates will be listed in the Off Topic Folder
My BVE Updates will be posted here.

My last real route I was working on was the D line I was working on 3D Objects this was a long while ago I did manage to pass it along to Joe before I left NYC some of those maybe in the version you simulate now.

Just like the Original Routes they will contain there own unique objects I will not be borrowing them, so all the object in the current route will be disused in future releases.

Trainz will be borrowing some not many due to the introduction of timer grade signals, I like there functionality. Until I am able to develop my own.

I will keep you updated on my progress, Beta Testing the Trainz Version is not an issue I have no problem with that I do release them as I get to a certain point so that I have a back up if something happens. You May find me involved with a route called NYCFTA Listed on Trainz its just a version of the NYC Subway I was messing around with which does contain the ABCDEFNRQV.

None the my love for train simulators is still strong and I look forward to contributing again.

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Re: FRT is Coming Back
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 10:37:53 pm »
Great to have you back!