Author Topic: Download Post Quality Guidelines for Developers  (Read 7360 times)

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Download Post Quality Guidelines for Developers
« on: May 28, 2016, 02:00:29 am »
Lately, I've noticed a lot of downloads being posted to the site that have some quality control issues. I'm so glad that you guys are pumping out new content, but PLEASE, follow the below guidelines before posting downloads to the site. Any downloads not following these guidelines will be deleted, and a notice will be sent to you requesting you to re-upload the content correctly.

Remember, thousands of people go to BVEStation for their openBVE and Hmmsim content. Lets ensure that they have a top notch experience. Thanks guys, and keep doing what you're doing!  :D


This is VERY important. The downloads section has been flooded with countless Hmmsim downloads. I absolutely love Hmmsim, but content for the program has made it hard to find the openBVE stuff. 

I have removed the Hmmsim content from the site so it stops cluttering the downloads section. I would like the people converting routes to Hmmsim compile one large .zip file, which has all the routes and trains in it. This would allow people who want openBVE content to easily find what they want, while allowing Hmmsim users to keep the ability to download their content.

Also, please test the content on your phone to ensure it works before uploading it! This is very important!

Proper Thumbnails and Descriptions

Please, provide accurate descriptions, with no spelling and grammar errors, explaining exactly what the add on is. Also, use simple thumbnails that are not visually obtrusive. For fictional routes, please include a subscript below the route bullet saying "Fictional".

Additionally, if you are releasing a non-fictional route, please send me a PM first before doing so.

Examples of well-done thumbnails and descriptions:

Non-fictional route:
Fictional Route:

Test your Content before Releasing It!

PLEASE, test the download before releasing it to make sure it works. This is VERY important. Once you create a .ZIP file with your content, please test the whole process of opening it, installing, and running the route/train to ensure everything works.

If you are having any issues getting your content to upload correctly, please send me a PM, and I will see what I can do to handle the situation.

Thanks again guys!  :D I appreciate all of the hard work you're doing.

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Re: Download Post Quality Guidelines for Developers
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2016, 10:58:31 am »
Yes...I'm a big fan thank you for doing what you do.   You bring alot of joy to soo many people and help them forget about life's B.S. for a while.