Author Topic: A Day In The Life On The B Line  (Read 2399 times)

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A Day In The Life On The B Line
« on: January 19, 2011, 11:01:49 am »
I've been a daily B Train rider since May 2008 and I have to say things have changed a lot since then. The B Train used to be assigned to R40 Slants and Mods and those were the good days back then because you get a good Railfan Window and all that. But then later in May of 2008, The B Train started to used R68/R68As full time now instead of rare appearances. To me the B Train rocked in 2008 because it had variety. Today the B Train only uses R68/R68As and is still based out of Coney Island Yard In Brooklyn. The B Train is still one of my favorite routes but not my top favorite due to 1 it being a Brighton Local and 2, it to being only R68/R68As and no variety. Thats my Day In The Life.

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A Day In The Life On The G Line
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2011, 03:42:30 pm »
I used to be a frequent rider of the G line.  Nothing has changed other than the extension to Church Avenue, even then there hasn't been much change.  I've seen quite a bit while riding this line though.  Everything from track fires, to battery runs, to random station skips.  Halfway through my ride at Myrtle-Willoughy our train was evacuated due to a smoke condition on the first few cars.

Battery runs aren't all that rare but they are short and sweet when I catch them.  Usually making major stops like Metropolitan, Bedford Nostrand, and Hoyt.  A few times we just skipped a station due to police investigations without notice beforehand.

The G is usually on time, though its frequency makes it easy to be on time.  In the mornings during rush hour the frequency can feel very long, even though the trains are really only 5-8 minutes apart.  What was nice however was catching the F via Crosstown, those were always interesting runs.  Especially when one of those times it was a R32 F.  Nice to see some change on the G, cause it does get quite boring.

I have yet to ride a R160 through Crosstown, which sucks, but I've seen it and I've always been on the wrong side of the track to take it.  :(