Author Topic: [WIP] Leeds to London Kings X [UK mainline route 250 + miles]  (Read 1873 times)

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[WIP] Leeds to London Kings X [UK mainline route 250 + miles]
« on: October 22, 2012, 09:19:37 pm »
Hello everyone, well for a few weeks now the team have been hard at work to get the first leg of the route to a standard where we can start to show screen shots to you via our Facebook page, ​We have kept the names of stations and the location of the route quiet but you have guessed every screen shot we have put up so far! So that's a bonus for us, at least we know we're doing something right!

We thought its time to finally open a page on our website as we are now more than 40% of the way through phase 1, which is from Leeds station to Wakefield Westgate. As everyone knows Leeds is a vital Station and many TOC's ( train operating companies for those who don't know) run too and from there, and this route will show off a lot of TOC's different locomotives from the very start of the route. We are intending the final route to be mainly High speed train diagrams, but from Leeds all the way to Doncaster we will Create other diagrams with traction such as the class 158 and class 321. We also have a route heading towards York but that's currently just collecting dust until we can finalise phase one of the route, which we hope to be just after Christmas.

You can find the page on our websites Main page.