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« on: June 14, 2017, 07:28:37 pm »
I started having issues with my current OpenBVE installation so I decided to get a fresh copy from the Download section. There are 2 (Windows) The pinned 1.504 version and the one marked stable. I downloaded both. The 1.504 version actually came up 1.430 while the version marked Stable came up 1.20. (I think I did this with the 1.504 version since it was the later version though it could have been the 1.2 and may actually effect both.) Thinking there may be a later version available I clicked on the "Visit Official Web Page link on OpenBVE's GUI. Big mistake, it took me to a site that claimed both visually and audibly to be downloading a virus that would lock my computer and I needed to call a number to release. Immediately I shut my system down as it was displaying a authorization login I couldn't clear. Luckily the system booted normally again, I ran a virus scan and it showed clear, I cleared all my cache and temp files, so I think I got it in time. as there are no negative effects I can detect andf virus and malware scans show clean. So I just wanted to warn people DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK (Emphasis intended). Like I said it could just be that version or both (Maybe all OpenBVE versions, if that link which was later taken over by a malware site.)

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