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Content Development / question about the m3 train for lirr
« on: February 03, 2015, 09:54:32 pm »
will there be an interior of the long island railroad m3 train if you want i can get pictures of the m3 seats, doors, windows, and everything but i would have to get off at jamaicia station cause i saw one on december 30th but never got a picture of it so once again im just asking if the lirr m3 train will have a interior sometime this year

Content Development / WIP LIRR Ronkonkoma branch started
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:34:27 pm »
im going to look into the objects, sounds and route to create the ronkonkoma branch
i am going to look into trying to put moving m7 lirr trains in with the low textures like the j and z line has the moving trains so i am going to take a coding class or if someone wants to help make the objects ill start on the rails and stations and someone can make the walls and bridges for jamaica station ill need someone to make a overpass for jamaica so anyone wanna help? i am looking for coders who can make the following stations i wont be able to make starting with greenport, southold, mattituck, riverhead, medford, ronkonkoma, central islip, and brentwood i can make deer park and wyandanch and pinelawn then ill need someone to make the other station listed farmingdale, bethpage, jamaica, woodside and pennstation and for the extras thats on the timetable listed atlantic terminal brooklyn, hunterpoint avenue, and long island city who wants to help?

Content Development / can anyone help me code for routes
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:01:28 pm »
i was thinking of creating a long island railroad ronkonkoma branch from greenport to penn the stations would be from greenport going to southold, mattituck, riverhead, yaphank, medford, ronkonkoma, central islip, brentwood, deer park, wyandanch, pinelawn, farmingdale, bethpage, jamaica, woodside, and penn station but i just dont know how it would be coded with the sounds, tracks, stations and station length, position, announcments on the pa system (example, this station is wyandanch this is the train to penn station, as you leave the train please step over the gap between the train and the platform, the next station is pinelawn) if you could help me it would be great to have someone help me code for this route.

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