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I am not sure if I still have it, but I may have some Spanish monorail hidden within my other trains. It is nowhere near accurate to the WDW monorail, but I can try to reskin it and add in some sounds and we'll see how it turns out. No promises, though.

Nice, I'll have to give it a spin.

Other Games / Re: ROBLOX Train developement Thread.
« on: January 28, 2018, 01:06:45 pm »
Anyone wanna be a good noodle and make me Morristown Erie 19? Lol

Glad to see I'm not the only one interested in the WDW Monorail lol. I myself am not an expert train modeler, so unfortunately I won't be able to help. Also, there really aren't any monorail routes for BVE. If you wish to use the monorails on the route, I would recommend just using Trainz for now until it has been made for BVE. Sorry about that.

I'm wondering how people get curves and many faces in the train and have no errors, on my Charger SC-44 it stopped loading at 26.9%, and now I can't change it because I only had the trial of SketchUp so I can't export it to 3DS. Also, I need another way to convert your files, they are .skp currently and they need to be 3DS so I can convert them to csv.

I made a model of the Charger SC-44 in openBVE. I'm sure this is a train that many people have been looking for. I only made it in Amtrak Cascades WSDOT livery because that was the easiest to do, although I MAY make IDOT in the future. The model is finished, I just need a software that current Sketchup modelers use to convert it so I can use it in BVE (Note I have it in .skp and 3DS files). I don't have any plans on making Cascades passenger coaches, so I will probably just use Horizons or Amfleets, and whip up a quick reskin of the F40PH into the NPCU. Once I have the model sized correctly and working in-game, I will work on the sounds, cab, etc. It it is OK with the original developer, I will probably use or modify the ACS-64 cab, but if not I will find something. Stay tuned for updates, and please let me know what I should do to convert the model into a file to be used in openBVE.

NYCTA Projects / Q to Coney Island
« on: July 30, 2017, 10:11:31 pm »
Does anyone know where I can get the Q (or N) to Coney Island? The version from bvestation only goes from Astoria to Brighton Beach/Bay 50 St. There is no route that goes past Brighton Beach to Coney Island that I know of. All help is appreciated.

Train Simulator 2016 / Re: Train Simulator 2017 NYC Transit Thread
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:42:56 am »
Hello again. To start off the thread, I would like to post my WIP Beta NYC 7 Line. It is still a WIP and is pretty low quality. So far I have designed the underground portion of the route, from 34 Street - Hudson Yards to Hunterspoint Avenue. The required DLC are as follows:
-CTA by Briman94
-New York to New Haven by RSC

I will update if I add any required DLC.

Since the CTA is not a Steam add-on, you will have to install the route manually because the Steam workshop does not recognize the CTA route template.

Here is the link to download it:

Please comment if you have feedback, suggestions, questions, or anything regarding this route.

Train Simulator 2016 / Train Simulator 2017 NYC Transit Thread
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:38:43 am »
Hello bvestation! It has been a while since I've been here because I've been playing TS alot. But now, I bring to you the thread for Train Simulator 2017 New York City transit thread. Here, you may post updates and screenshots of your New York City Transit content.

Content that can be posted is:

- Routes for NYC subway (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, 7, etc.)
- 3D Subway models (R160, R188, R179, etc)
- MTA Routes (LIRR, MNRR, SIR, etc)
- 3D Models for MTA trains (M7, R44 SIR, etc)

Please keep in mind that this is only for Train Simulator, not openBVE. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Looking nice! Keep up the great work!

Station Talk / Re: PCC Trolley
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:06:19 pm »
No PCC trolley, but there is an MBTA F40PH with Horizon coaches available

@BStyles @YankeesPwnMets

Thank you all very much. If there is anything you need, feel free to DM me. :)

Dear BVEStation members/mods,

Recently, there has been a LOT of fighting/arguing and Irelevant Advertisements on this forum, especially the update thread for the NTT Trains. Plenty of full pages were covered in people arguing over plentg of things, some which weren't even relevant to the subject, and others which were pointless fighting over. When I first joined BVEStation (June 2015) it was a good place. A happy place, where everyone got along. Over the past few years, many things have changed. Im talking about the content posted. The fighting. Please, please, please stop the fighting. No one likes to fight or see fights, especially those who regularly check in for updates. Plus, it gives the mods tons of work to delete those posts. Then, we have the irelevant advertisements. There is content that has nothing related to trains/vehicles. Then, we have posts that are inappropriate and irelevant. People may not know it, but there are some younger people on this forum who shouldn't be seeing these innapropriate posts. All in all, I believe that this forum is going downhill, and things should be changed or we are going to have some big problems. Thank you for your attention. -BVERailer

Everybody get ready for Sunday, something big is coming.
Im going to assume that its either a beta release or a release date

So only those who donated get the beta? Cuz in my opinion, that seems sorta unfair.

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