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That's great to know! One thing I want to know though, what resources do you not have?
Mainly just interior textures...more specifically the entire cab area(Cab Camera view & Exterior Camera view). Would've been better if I could replace all the textures for the interior with photo-realistic textures like I did with the exterior which is very doubtful unless the A cars go to the museum in real life

 ;D ;D ;D

The R110A will be released as a BETA at the end of this month. This was decided due to the lack of access and resources we have for the train, since it's retired and all that, so it's best to give it an early release. Any questions don't hesitate to ask

Decided not to post as much anymore because apparently it causes conflict so I'll post either when I feel like it or when the trains are complete.
Just a friendly reminder ;D

Facebook has been pretty quiet lately you guys are fine right?
If you're talking about the BVEStation Facebook page then you're on the wrong one. Pictures/Videos of development related projects are usually posted on "The OpenBVE Connection Facebook Page". You can also post your own videos, pictures, or any question you may have (Sounds exactly like the forums here, I know :P). I try to keep people up to date with projects on bvestation but I'm not speaking for any other developer. It's not as easy to post updates on bvestation than it is on facebook.

yeah i understand the finals, hopefully during the summer you can get more work done and may be get it released by the end of this year :D
Oh no I'm 100% positive at least one of these trains will be released this year and it will be IRT but I'm not saying which one though

Any recent updates?  ???
Re coding the R142 trucks to its right size and to a 100% hand coded format since they were originally made in blender and were too large/ took too much fps
and Working on the R160s exterior. Work is moving slowly since its Finals time (Yay :'().

In your other post, it said you were hoping for a release of the R142/A this year, and nothing was mentioned about the R143/R160. But it would be amazing to have them all together.
The picture of the R160 I showed says it all that's why

Will the r188 be released along with the R142/A when you do release it?
Of course and so will the R143 with the R160

Of course I don't know by experience since I was too young to remember but there have been some sources

From wikipedia

& from the nyc transit forums

R110A & R160  ;D

Great work! Will the cab be 3D?
If we make the cab area for the exterior first then there is a possibility we can convert that code to the 3d cab format

Does the 3D cab that mrsam127 was working on a while ago have anything to do with this?

We never spoke on it. Currently they're not entirely connected projects

R142 Updates

For the next couple of days I will post updates on our WIP trains for Openbve. Today is just the R142. The R142 and the R142A mainly have just the cab area(for exterior view) left. The R110A needs the Cab as well and a few texture updates and The R160's whole interior is being restructured.

We're hoping for a release this year of the R142 and the R142A as long as the cab work goes well

Watermarks were added to the photos cause, what's still confusing to me on why it was done and surprising, we recently had someone take one of our textures from one of our videos

Wow. Amazing. I really cant wait for the release! Will all rollsigns be changeable on all trains? It would be especially cool to see them on the R142 and R188!
They've all been capable of this since day one ;)

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