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One thing though and I don't mean to be a prick about it, the middle door in the last car has a issue, I don't know exactly how to explain it.

As a reminder the R110A is in BETA phase which means it will be missing pieces; that includes textures, codes and functions. There may also be noticeable gaps. Criticism to this model will be ignored until the model is announced as 100% Complete.

This is the only time I'll post this reminder which I shouldn't because it was said already...

It's being worked on. Status on it I'm not sure of but it is being worked on (Coming from someone who worked on it and is still in contact with the developers).

R110A BETA v0.8 has been released

R110A Pre-Beta Release Video

Before the R110A Beta's released I feel it's needed for viewers to read this to answer possible questions post release.

As a reminder the R110A is in BETA phase which means it will be missing pieces; that includes textures, codes and functions. There may also be noticeable gaps. Criticism to this model will be ignored until the model is announced as 100% Complete. This is the High Quality (HQ) version of the model. If you experience any issues with the R110A BETA similar to the R46 model (Crashes, Lag, etc) then I cannot help you. If you can use the R46 but experience crashes with the R110A I recommend attempting to load the model again, two more times, before asking for help on the forums.

Textures and/or codes from this train model cannot be re used on other train models or redistributed without consulting with a developer of the model. Any personal modifications stays personal; that includes sounds, codes, textures and physics. If you have a personal modification you want to release speak with the developers for permission.

Main Developers are Bvefan & TheExpress/XD60 

Well I don't know, BVEFan wasn't specific enough. I don't know if he meant the train or the video.
;D ;D :-X

However I do have one question, in my research I don't think Green LED's existed back when the R110A's were first being made.

I'm not sure myself. I had sources too but there are many things that are possibly inaccurate on the R110A mainly with all its LED/LCD's. At the moment I don't plan to change anything until I can see for myself.

Don't mean to be annoying but can we get an update/are you going to do a video on the R110A? ATHEEXPRESS posted pic5ures of the R142A this week which is why I'm curious.
Of course it's getting a pre-release video ;D and I've gotten my laptop back working on it as we speak...mid day thursday is the plan just in case there's a teamspeak run

I just thought to ask this but, for the release is there going to be a feature to have one door open in every car very similar to what is done in real life at last stops.
No because at the moment this is a rushed release so not all functions or planned features will be in it. Since it's a beta release thing will be updated through time

Quick question, what date do you mean by "Thanksgiving Break?"

I don't give exact dates for a reason. Just like last time there could be unplanned setbacks. Don't be surprised if release dates are changed...again :-\.

Also, just a statement, the R143/ R160 will be my last project. I will not work on the R179 or any other upcoming models. The R110A will be released before this years end and the R142/A shouldn't be too far behind.

No reason for any type of hostility,

I have not given a specific release date for a reason. It seems like my laptop won't return for at least another week. I have not been able to test the R110A or add finishing touches to its beta phase. Since release would definitely be in November I plan to release it by Thanksgiving break :P. Once again nothing is official until it actually happens.

I know that the 142 is still in BETA, but can I weigh in what I see?

There seem to be a lot of texture "gaps" mainly the LED signs and the door frames, and I know your probably fixing this now as we speak :p

And there's an update for the (1)'s R142 program's which are below:

There are a lot of LEDs we didn't put into the R142 because it would take 15 mins(exaggerated) to find your destination before you start operating the route. What we did do was create a template so anyone can be able to create their own personal LEDs. Updating the signs every time the MTA wants to "test" signs can be a hassle too, like the shortened destination display they eventually removed on most 142s.

Okay, what about the R142 model from that youtube video Bvefan uploaded a couple of days ago?
TBA  :-X

I think that he was talking about the r110a
I was

Could you make a video for the R110A? We haven't got one in a while I think  ;D Thanks!
I planned to do one right before I release the beta so yeah

Also release might be delayed by a week because my laptop is being shipped for repairs and I'm not sure when it will come back

That's great to know! One thing I want to know though, what resources do you not have?
Mainly just interior textures...more specifically the entire cab area(Cab Camera view & Exterior Camera view). Would've been better if I could replace all the textures for the interior with photo-realistic textures like I did with the exterior which is very doubtful unless the A cars go to the museum in real life

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