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All NTT's welcomed I guess

The R142A in this video is whats to come in its next update. The download was taken down for an update by its main developer.
NOTE: All sounds are not final for this train.

Any questions, concerns, or criticism about the R142 can be placed in this forum, pm, or Facebook pm.  Also note that out of all the names mentioned in the credits only three of them had this train model prior to its release and only two people (Michael & myself) worked on this train. Any pictures posted of an R142 prior to this R142's release were not apart of this model. Majority are from the R142A model being retextured. Credit was given to those who either lended textures, sounds, and/or ideas.



Created by: Bvefan
Bombardier R142
Version: 1.9.5B

0 Key = LEDs Destination Signs and Stripmaps
9 key = Last Stop
Horn 1 = Horn
Horn 2 = Stand Clear
Horn Music = Being held Momen... Ann.

All Major Coding Work Done Together By:
Shaquille Johnson (BveFan) & Michael Bradshaw (TheExpress/XD60);
Along With Any Textures or Codes Unspecified

Bvefan & Bstyles

Cab: Ryan J. Terry & Michael Bradshaw
4 line Stripmap: Aahd
Trucks textures: Bstyles

Propulsion: By Fan Railer Modified By TheExpress/XD60 & Bvefan
Sound recordings by Bvefan and TheExpress/XD60

Michael Bradshaw & Fan Railer

Mr. Railfan & Dj. Hammers

Special Thanks to:
Randy Puello
Ryan J. Terry
Aahd Tahar
Michael García
Miles Blount
Mekhi Central
The Openbve NYCT developers

Download Link is on Mediafire for now until someone approves download on bvestation:

It's about that time ;D

If the video doesn't show up here's the link:

Well not really much of a new idea but being on this site for about 5 years one of the liveliest threads here on BVEStation was the "The ONLY Official OpenBVE Screenshots/Videos Thread" ( A thread where people would freely share pictures or videos that were either train operating videos, music videos, or personal modifications they have done or are doing. Most people would usually go and showcase their work on Facebook now,including me ::), because it's easier and more convenient to post pictures, video, and/or share content from other websites to Facebook. A lot of people visit bvestation but only the same handful of people post on the thread. Not only that but when people do create a personal mod and post it here, on bvestation, they tend to think of themselves as developers and make their own thread about their work and only talk about it once or twice when they should just post it on "The ONLY Official OpenBVE Screenshots/Videos Thread."

Correction the R142 has no released date and yes, it was not apart of the donation release. Donors were only given the R142A as a thank you which was a decision made by ATheExpress. The donations weren't for me so the R142 wasn't included.

Oh... BTW the sounds are so loud when you are at the exterior view it sounds like blasted headphones
Be more specific; like what train for instance?

Why did Bvefan remove the old exterior texture it was so nice it was on this train it was metal looking. and greyish
It was inaccurate based on door size and position and me and ATheExpress wanted to make the exteriors for the R142 and R142A somewhat match with accuracy and appearance to their real exteriors so both trains exteriors had to change.



NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread For The R68/R68A
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:55:45 am »
  No spam here. Are you just trying to get someone's attention?

(excuse me if i went off topic)
Don't start... No one else responded to his responding gives plenty attention

My only question when will it be done.
When it's done

Any comments or concerns about the R68/A goes here:
This is a NTT (New Technology Train) Thread

Please refrain from giving me, Bvefan, your emails. I am not the one emailing people the train so I don't need your emails...

Last day to donate to get the R142A BETA Tomorrow (02/26/2017)
Donate here:
*Also those who donate get early access to the R68*

Last day to donate to get the R142A BETA Tomorrow (02/26/2017)
Donate here:
*Also those who donate get early access to the R68*

***Donations are not to buy the train(s). Donors get early access because of their help towards the projects. The train(s) are free*** 

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