Author Topic: Suggestions for Route Developers (Fictional/Non-Fictional)  (Read 1497 times)

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Suggestions for Route Developers (Fictional/Non-Fictional)
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:13:39 pm »
Most of these routes being created today is cool and adds a vibrant encyclopedia to our library of routes. But it would be nice if when we are doing runs using your routes we can actually know the towers and switches to make fantastic G.O.'s.

Soa suggestion for myself and other developers was to make a little notepad document with a track map of your toutes with switches and different tower locations. That way we can use your route via Teamspeak and do some wonders with classes and training.

Some of the older route that already being published are being studied by myself and will be released in the post for future dispatchers and RCC's.

Any other suggestions for myself and othe route developers you can post here and I will try my best to edit them in my routes and for other developers to see. Thanks for reading and understanding in advance.