Author Topic: [RELEASED] (WIP) 1970s Routes  (Read 6675 times)

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Re: [RELEASED] (WIP) 1970s Routes
« Reply #90 on: January 06, 2018, 04:28:13 am »
I have to post these pics haha:

190 St: Fixed the exit to Fort Tryon Park sign (I put Fort TYRON before), and put an exit only Iron Maiden replacing the slamgate.

181 St: Made a new mezzanine:

175 St: Nothing special, just 3d stairways and new mapboards:

168 St: New gate stairways, Downtown express/local and exit signs as well as new High Res route signs, and dumsters:

145 St: Completely improved, escalators, double stairways, improved signs, new exit signs, pillars, High res route signs...:

125 St: Divider, light bulbs and new High Res route signs, basically I'm making new High Res route signs, making them realistic and genuine, that can make you go back in time instantly

135 St and all other CPW stations are being worked on, I don't think posting them or perhaps just little details and turnstiles but you already get that I'm improving all the stations by adding stairs, no spitting and exit signs, and of course old exits....

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