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Hey guys! If any of you have Minecraft, I am making some minecraft nyc subway projects! I am currently working on the Franklin Avenue Shuttle. But after I finish that, i will head on to building the GC shuttle! All the information is on the website. Visit for daily updates on whats happening. Click "See Whats Happening" to see updates and downloads. The home page is a welcome page and tells you where to put the route file folder. Thanks!

Very cool, are you going to be putting all routes into one massive file, or are you creating them all separately?  It would be cool to see the entire system built into one file.

I will be creating each route separately, it would be a lag machine for the whole system in one zipped file. lol. I uploaded the Franklin Avenue shuttle already, working on the Grand Central Shuttle.Thanks again for viewing my website!  ;D :D ;)


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