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It would be release very soon before a new year start again. A perfect time just before the Holiday in December of this year  :).

Lol :), we won't know until the beta tester try it out. The beta tester is only avaliable to those people who pledge. It won't be release for the beta tester on July 30, or 31. Hopefully we will get this in action on youtube. That is not the only thing that is getting updated, but train simulator is also in the process of using a new engine that you might be familiar of called unreal engine 4. I think that both of these train simulator will be a huge success. :)

I just realize it lol, but still the train won't move, even when i turn on the pantograph. Anyway, Did you saw the post that i put up about the next trainz game. They are basically using the same as engine as the next train simulator, which is unreal engine 4. Its unbelievable and amazing at the same time. Train simulator need to fix some of the bugs problem on steam in order to get back their star. Also for the next version of train simulator they need to incorporate the idea of multiplayers so that they can still be the number train simulator game still. :)

I just found out that trainz development team is in the process of making the 2nd generation of trainz called Trainz A New Era. Check that out :)

Here is one of the route where my train won't move at all. I increase the power level to one and it still won't move.

It basically the same problem that other user who play train simulator 2014 steam encounter. Some of the common problem that i have is when i try to leave the station, the train won't won't budge. I try restarting the engine and it still doesn't move. I even try using the emergency brake, and slowly release the brake, and it still won't move. You can tell that i am not the only person that is upset when using this game on steam. When you go to the review section for train simulator 2014, you can see so many users give this game a thumbs down. Don't get me wrong, i do enjoy all of the content that the development team are releasing. It just that they don't want to fix the bug problem. I don't know if this is the steam engine workers who focus on fixing all of bugs fault or the one who makes this game for steam engine.

Just found out that the next train simulator will be build on a new engine called unreal engine 4. Its going to be completely new, basically all of the things will be build from scratch again. I just can't believe that i brought this game for nothing. Now they are going to release a new version. I don't know if i can trust them again. They really let me down.  :(
Here is the link

@Fan Railer Are you running this on Steam version or the physical copy version. The reason why i am asking is because steam version have so many bugs, and problem, which i am kinda of not enjoying it so much. I am really surprise that they are able to come out with more new content, instead of fixing the glitches and problem in the game. You always post amazing video. :)

opps my bad. I meant the R32

Some of the objects are missing because i couldn't put it in to my train directory folder. The problem was that some of the object file name was too long. Is there any way around this because without these object i couldn't be able to load the train completely. Overall this train look so amazing and so realistic. Great job everyone who contribute to this project. :)

Where do you find all of these amazing route and trains? I love all of these routes and trains but the problem is it cost so expensive. When i look at the Amtrack Surfliner Content in Steam, it cost so expensive. Is there any best website that i can go to that have free download content for train simulator 2014? :)

which route is that? Can you please post the download link? Thanks :)

Re: (SIR) North Shore Line
Would you add that time announcement in the new L Line that is being work on?

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