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NYCTA Projects / (RELEASED) R160 Cab/Panel Development
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:51:00 pm »
This train has been released!
Download Link:

Although Im not officially working on any New tech ,Including the R160 ,[i have my hands full already :P], I just wanted to show you guys something ive been working on for a while now . Although its not fully finished , i wanted to give you guys a preview to what you might see in the next update for the R160 :

I also have a r143 Deviation of this panel so i should upload that in a little while .

Hope you enjoy this little preview

Also keep in Mind this is the first public preview of the cab and its in no way finished .

Transit / R68 (D) and (B) via Culver Line (F)
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:02:35 pm »
Due to a incident at grand st , some D and B trains where rerouted via Culver express to coney island . they switched to express middle track at 18 av . r40r32 and me where lucky enough to catch this G/O in effect at ditmas :

R68 (D) Entering Ditmas

A coney island Bound R68 (D) Bypassing Ditmas Ave

Another shot of the r68 (D) Bypassing Ditmas

 R68 (D) leaving Ditmas

R68 (D) Heading to 18av & Coney island

R68 (B) Entering ditmas

R68 (B) Flying through ditmas (im suprised the camera was able to focus ! lol)

R68 B leaving Ditmas

Ditmas Ave

A few bonus shots :

R160 Coming out of the Church ave tunnel

A Coney island Bound R160 (F) Coming into Ditmas

A Manhattan Bound r160 (F) switching to the express track just before entering the tunnel to church.

Abandoned Culver Shuttle tracks that lead to 9 Ave station . [An R160 F can be seen exiting the tunnel out of Church Ave .]

Off Topic / Packers Win Superbowl
« on: February 06, 2011, 10:08:49 pm »
A little off Bve topic but ....

greenbay Packers win super bowl XLV against the steelers !!!!!

Final Score :
Packers : 31
Steelers : 25

NYCTA Projects / BMT A/B Standard [OpenBVE] - Official Thread
« on: February 01, 2011, 04:23:10 pm »
i would like to inform you guys that i have begun work on the BMT A/B Standard ,also known as the BMT STD. This project will be delayed because of my work on the r30 and the r62a . After thats done im going do be helping out a few other developers with their projects . So after all of that is completed, i will focus my attention on this . I already have a beta exterior set up and i will be going to the Transit museum this week to get additional textures. the cab will also be photo-realistic [as always 8)] . i also have all the sounds for the project that i need. I will post additional updates and preview pictures in this thread. hope you guys can endure the wait  !

Other Projects / R30 OpenBVE [Official Thread] + Preview
« on: January 23, 2011, 12:33:19 am »
Well guys this is my 3rd project that i am currently working on and wanted to give a little preview :

This is a split project,  that DeAndre Walters and Me are Working on.

This project will consist of 4 Different schemes [Blue/Silver] , [Red/Black] , [Olive] and Work Car [Yellow/Black] . This will be a fifth Generation train and will work with any 5th generation BMT/IND Routes.

There is no release date on this project but a beta will be out in the non to distant future . This project may also be slowed down by the R62a project that i am working on .

Also please note i may make a different cab for the Work car and [Red/Black] Schemes

Also that little annoying paper where the break control valve is will be edited out. it just basically shows the dates the train was last used and some notes on its condition.

If you guys are excited about this project be sure to check out my earlier project about the R42 if you didnt already
R42 [Silver/Blue] Scheme BETA:
R42 Current[Silver] Scheme BETA:
and be sure to check out the development thread of the r62a:

Other Projects / R62a OpenBve [Official Thread] + Preview
« on: January 20, 2011, 10:04:15 pm »
Alright guys , ive been quite busy since my release of the R42 and just wanted to give you guys a preview of ONE of the projects that i am Currently working on :

This is just a preview pic of the cab ,and there is more to come . I will post pics of this train in action very soon. As of now im just working on mastering new motor and run sounds . I should have a Beta out in the non to distant future to whoever may want to test this train out .  I will continue working on the cab and fixing the PSI Gage and fixing the EDO meter. This will of coarse will be a fifth generation train and will work on any future fifth generation IRT Routes .

I will have alot more on this train and news on some of my other projects that i am working on in the future

If you would like to use some textures from this just hit me up via PM

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