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Transit / Re: Would You Accept Screen Doors For The NYCTA?
« on: January 01, 2011, 11:18:31 pm »
As a modern safety feature, yes.  I have seen children run around freely on platforms, thats a dangerous situation.  During rush hours when passengers are transferring, and a express train is late, there is a huge crowd waiting on the platform, with almost no room to navigate, making it a very dangerous situation.

Of course its not possible because of the different car lengths and variety of train models here.

Introduction / Re: Evening lads
« on: January 01, 2011, 11:15:48 pm »
Welcome (back) to BVEStation!  :D

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 11:13:31 pm »
I don't get it; why were the forums changed?

An administrative vote decided to upgrade the forum.  The forum upgrade however is unable to "upgrade" the old forum, so a fresh install was required.  Other factors were taken into account as well.  The new forum features could not be implemented without upgrading.  If you want different looks Go to Profile > Look and Layout Settings, and change the current theme.

Station Talk / Re: Account Deleted
« on: January 01, 2011, 11:06:04 pm »
You can log in there but you cant post.

BVEStation Network News / Re: BVEStation 2011 : HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: January 01, 2011, 03:02:25 am »
To expand on those social networks for the benefit of the members yes.

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 03:00:44 am »
well here is one lol:

the word "quote"above a quote box is near impossible to see because it is close to grey on grey.

this is a quote

Also it would be nice to have links to the homepage and downloads in the forums.

You have to do some more exploring.

BVEStation Network News / Re: BVEStation 2011 : HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:59:20 am »
Don't forget to check out our twitter (we'll update it more) and Facebook.  We can also use some help in the gallery help us upload some nice screenshots for the routes and trains!  Thanks.

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:53:25 am »
Let me know where the other graphical quirks are so I can clean em.  Cause there really isn't a way to find it all without doing burn-in's.  So yea.

We will also look into adding some more color.


Station Talk / Re: A question about image posting......
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:46:23 am »
Most modern browsers support it unless your using a very old IE Browser :P

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:41:44 am »
That's the calendar which I have just enabled.  I'm not sure if it's enabled by default, but I will check some other time.  Those are the event posts.  I have also made the fix to stay on a thread after you reply on a thread.  If you guys really want to be able to see others on a certain topic then I will enable that.

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:23:07 am »
It's the differences of RC4 and mainstream 1.1 installations of SMF.  I didn't realize there are so many features missing.  I suggest you try the quick reply.

Out of privacy complaints in the past I disabled the OS features and the active members in topic.  For birthdays, you can opt out and not put a year if you wish.  In fact it looks optional as far as I can see.  If you don't want your birthday revealed no need to put it.

Back to top is now Go up.

Station Talk / Re: A question about image posting......
« on: January 01, 2011, 02:15:16 am »
PNG alpha channels are supported by your browser, not a specific website.

Station Talk / Re: New Look
« on: January 01, 2011, 01:41:43 am »
Yes, the layout actually was not mine, but modified by me, but I'm glad you guys like it. ::)

Station Talk / BVEStation Forum/Network Rules
« on: December 31, 2010, 09:21:38 pm »
The Rules of BVEStation

As of Saturday, January 1, 2011
Updated Friday, March 25, 2011
Updated Friday, June 8, 2012 (Fixed typos)
Updated Thursday, July 12, 2012 (Removed TS Rules)
Updated Wednesday, May 6, 2015 (Fixed format. Minor revision)

These rules apply to the entire “BVEStation Network”, in other words, all websites and services officially connected to BVEStation, which include but is not limited to the following:, the BVEStation Forum, Bus Depot, MBTA-NJT Forum, and the BVEStation Chat.

A. General Rules – These rules apply to ALL services of BVEStation.
1. NO ILLEGAL DISCUSSION: Discussion of illegal activities is not allowed on any BVEStation service. This includes but is not limited to, hacking, illegal pirating or distribution, defacement of property, fare beating, or any other violation of local and federal laws. Any illegal discussions on BVEStation will be removed without notice.
2. NO MALICIOUS CONTENT: Distribution of any malicious content which may cause damage to the website or other members’ computers is not allowed. Any malicious content will be removed, and proper administrative actions will be taken to those who post malicious content.
3. NO PRIVACY VIOLATIONS: Posting of content that violates the privacy or comfort of another member is not allowed.
4. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Copyright infringement of any sort is not allowed on BVEStation. Any material posted which violates on the author’s copyrights will be removed without notice.
5. NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL: Pornographic material of any kind is not allowed on BVEStation. Any pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material will be removed without notice.
6. NO INDEXING OF FILES OR SITE Indexing (downloading excessively) of any files or content is absolutely prohibited on all BVEStation services unless authorized by the Administration. This includes, but is not limited to, indexing the site, logging the chat rooms, or storing an offline copy of the site on a hard drive.
7. NO RUDE OR OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOR Please be respectful of other members.
8. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS Please do not insult or make offensive comments to other members due to their views or opinions. Racism, sexism, or any other discrimination of any kind is not allowed and those who engage in it will be punished.
9. USAGE OF THE BVESTATION NAME The BVEStation name and logo are copyrighted and belongs to the Owner of BVEStation which much pride is taken in; please do not abuse or otherwise use it without permission. If you would like your work to be officially approved or endorsed by BVEStation, please contact the Administration for a review of it.
10. MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS By using any BVEStation service, the user will take full responsibility and not hold BVEStation, its affiliates, administration or members responsible for any trouble that they may have caused on the site. BVEStation will comply with all legal requests and cannot protect or represent a member in the event of legal trouble.
11. MEMBER RESPONSIBILITY TO STAY INFORMED The BVEStation Rules are subject to change to any time. Any changes to the rules will be announced on the Forums and other parts of the website. It is up to the member to stay informed to any updates of the rules.
12. NO ASKING FOR HIGHER AUTHORITY No member shall ever ask any part of the Staff to be included in or promoted. The staff will contact directly whoever it feels is eligible to join it. Any violators of this rule will be banned from becoming part of the staff.

B. BVEStation forum/MBTA-NJT Forum Rules – These rules apply to the BVEStation Forum and MBTA-NJT Forum
1. NO OFF TOPIC POSTING Please do not post irrelevant content to the topic of discussion, you may start another topic if you wish. Any off topic content may be removed without warning.
2. NO SPAMMING There is no spamming of the forum allowed. Examples of this behavior includes, but is not limited to, topics which have no meaning or discussable content, thoughtless replies or comments, topics which contain illegal material, profane language, confusing topic titles, constant bumping of a topic, and inappropriate use of fonts.
3. NO ADVERTISING There is to be no creating topics containing advertising or promoting an off-topic website; this includes but not limited to advertising of your website, blog, social networking sites, and products.  Subliminal advertising is also not allowed, a staff member will examine the post to determine if there is any subliminal advertising present. Any off-site links posted must be for relevant, informational purposes only. However, you are allowed to place a small advertisement in your forum signature specifics are stated in the signature rules. Any content that violates this rule will be removed without notice.
4. NO POSTING IN “DEAD TOPICS” (NECROPOSTING) Please refrain from posting in topics that are over two months old, unless if you have an important contribution for it. There will be a warning on the top of the page above the Topic when posting if a violation of this rule will occur.
5. SECTION-SPECIFIC RULES Certain sections of the Forum may have its own set of rules. Please make sure you fully understand them.
6. OFF-SITE CONTENT What happens outside of BVEStation, stays out of BVEStation. There is to be no discussion of any outside content.
7. ENGLISH ONLY Help us keep a professional look on the forum. Please refrain from posting in other languages. Please check to see your posts do not contain spelling or grammatical errors.
8. NO “FAVORITE” POLL TOPICS There is to be no posting of “favorite” topics (e.g. What is your favorite car, plane, train, movie, etc) unless authorized by the Administration.
9. NO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Members may have ONE (1) account per IP Address, per e-mail address, and per person ONLY, and vice versa, unless authorized by the Administration. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban to ALL related accounts.
10. NO FAKE E-MAIL ADDRESSES Each member must provide a valid working e-mail address to ensure proper account activation and update receiving.
11. NO PROXY REGISTRATIONS Proxy registrations are not allowed on BVEStation unless authorized by the Administration. Any account found to be registered through a proxy will be rejected and/or banned.
12. STAFF SCRUTINY OF IP ADDRESS The Administration has the right to inspect your IP address and other personal information if they believe it is malicious.
13. DISPLAY NAME CHANGES We strongly discourage name changes, however, if it is necessary, please contact the Administration. Excessive name changing will ultimately lead to denial of future requests.
14. ACCOUNT TERMINATION We cannot “delete” your account for software record purposes; if you would like to terminate your account with BVEStation, just simply stop coming to BVEStation. To reactivate, just come back.
15. SIGNATURE REGULATIONS a) You may place advertising in your signature as long it does not contain any discussions or information promoting illegal activity specified in Section A-1. b) Your signature may not be any larger than 800 pixels wide and 150 pixels long. c) You may not post signatures longer than ten (10) lines, and if an image is used you may only have up to three (3) lines of text under it. d) Signatures or Avatars may not contain any copyrighted, illegal, or pornographic material. e) The staff has the right to remove your signature or avatar if they feel it violates any rules, or causes significant problems in the forum, including but not limited to discussion about the signature itself in topics (which is considered off topic), or performance problems.
16. IMAGE POSTING REGULATIONS a) All images will not exceed the size of 800 pixels by 600 pixels. Any image with a larger size shall be automatically resized by the forum. b) Please host your images off BVEStation on image hosting sites such as Photobucket ( or Image Shack ( or any other image hosting website. c) All images are subject to the BVEStation rules and regulation by the Administration. Any images found to be harmful or inappropriate for the site will be removed without notice.
17. ATTACHMENT POSTING REGULATIONS a) Attachments may not contain illegal or copyrighted material. Such material will be removed by the administration. b) Attachments may not exceed a certain file size limit; this limit will be displayed when uploading the file. c) All attachments are subject to the BVEStation rules and regulation by the Administration. Any attachments found to be harmful or inappropriate for the site will be removed without notice.
18. NO “COMPANIES”, GROUPS OR FACTIONS: The creation of “companies”, groups, or factions within the forum is strictly prohibited; this includes but not limited to political groups and unauthorized development groups. All of these must be authorized by the Administration. Please speak with the Administration if you have any questions or concerns.
19. PERSONAL MESSAGING SYSTEM Any content sent through the Personal Messaging System are subject to the same rules as a post made onto the forum. Any violations made through the Personal Messaging system will be subject to the same punishment as if it was a forum post.
20. NO DISCUSSIONS ABOUT “COPYRIGHT ISSUES” If there are any issues regarding “copyright” and usage of “copyrighted” work in projects, please do not take it out on the forum. Please contact the authors directly instead. Any posts containing this type of content will be removed immediately. If there is an issue with the work on the BVEStation download page, please contact the Administrators directly on the forum.
21. NO QUOTING POSTS WITHOUT YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTION OR QUOTING MORE THAN 2 QUOTES.  This creates an ugly chain of quotes on the forum, Do Not do that.  Also do not make a quote and leave no post of your own.  There is no point.  If you quote and simply say, I agree, that also has no point.  Do not do that either.
22. ADMINISTRATION GETS FINAL SAY ON ALL ISSUES The Administration has the final say on all issues regarding the site and services on BVEStation. Please do not question the actions of the Administration. If you disagree with an administrative action, you may contact them politely to have your grievances heard and a compromise made.

C. Member Responsibility Each member of BVEStation, including the administration, has responsibilities to follow. Please read and follow them.

1. Administration
a. Enforcement - It is the job of the administrators, moderators, and fellow staff members to enforce these rules and moderate discussions on the forum.
b. Contact - The administration can be contacted should any problems around the forum occur; they will assist you in resolving any conflicts, or technical problems around the Station.
c. Member Punishment - The administration is allowed to ban, moderate, warn or remove any member in which they believe has broken a rule, or is deemed a threat, with or without evidence.
d. Sponsorship - Administration sponsorship can allow a banned member back in, if the majority vote of the administrators agree, should the member violate the rule again, the administration has a right to permanently ban them.

2. Members
a. Privileges - The use of BVEStation is not a right, but a privilege, and it is your duty to follow and comply to these rules, and understand that if any violation of these rules occur will result in warnings and bans.
b. Promotions - Members may not ask for promotions or tokens on BVEStation. Those who ask for any promotions will never receive them.
c. Bothering the Administration – Please do not bother the administration; if you have a specific question about BVE to ask, you may make a topic about it. If it’s concerning flaming, threats, or other major issues, this is the only time you may use the Private Message system to contact an administrator.
d. Respect - Respect the administration's decisions, and actions, they are there to help and ist you with any forum related problems or member conflicts. If you find an administrator or moderator violating rules, please contact the head administrator ipaclansite.

By utilizing any BVEStation service, you agree to be bound to the following Terms and conditions:
1. You will not hold BVEStation, its Administration staff, or any other member responsible for any issues that may arise from the usage of its services, its content, or by the content or services provided by its members or affiliates.
2. In no event shall BVEStation, its Administration staff, or any other member be liable for any damages or losses of any kind, directly or indirectly, resulting from the usage of its services.
3. BVEStation cannot accept responsibility for the content posted on off-site links; use them at your own risk and responsibility.
4. The content available on the BVEStation site must not be uploaded or stored onto any other website without permission from the Administration.
5. Any content posted by members on BVEStation may not always reflect the views of the BVEStation site or Administration.
6. All messages made available as part of this discussion group (including any bulletin boards and chat rooms) and any opinions, advice, statements or other information contained in any messages posted or transmitted by any third party are the responsibility of the author of that message and not of BVEStation, its Administration staff, or any other member.
7. You will not violate any of the rules, terms or conditions set forth in this document.
8. BVEStation will comply with all legal actions and requests and cannot protect you against any of this.
9. Content posted on the forum express the views of the author and may not represent the views of BVEStation or the Administration.

BVEStation Network News / BVEStation 2011 : HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: December 31, 2010, 04:46:12 pm »
Hey guys welcome to the brand new BVEStation Website!  And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The new BVEStation Forums is cleaner, more organized and much easier to navigate.  We also have a brand new automated news bot to automatically grab news from a number of websites to get you the latest updates on BVE as soon as it gets posted.  No other BVE site does this.  The new BVEStation Website also features a brand new downloads section, new gallery, and a bunch of other small features available.  The images you post in the gallery will instantly be reflected in our downloads page for everyone to see.  The downloads section also has a brand new search function, and the ability rate downloads!  There is also a new route progress section in the downloads to see the progress of the routes.  Finally there are a handful of other smaller features on the site, and plenty of resources for you to read.  Please feel free to explore the brand new BVEStation!  This is what makes BVEStation the most advanced BVE Website ever built, and is not comparable to any other.

Now that the site is opened, we are still (yes still!) working on adding more functions to the site!  Please bear with us as we add these additional features, and feel free to make any additional suggestion!

We wish you a Happy new year! And as always enjoy your stay!  ;D

Other housekeeping
With the new year comes new rules, they will be added as soon as the site is opened, and people begin to re-register on the new BVEStation.  Again we ask that you abide to these rules, and take a look at the new ones.  These rules are designed to address the problems of old BVEStation and solve them.  Thanks.

New Social Interactions
BVEStation now also has live RSS feeds which you can click on, and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.  We hope you use it  ;D

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