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In real life im not sure, and in openbve i don't think so. sry
was just asking in real life
i guess i can create one
you have any R46 mods to showcase

OpenBVE; NYCT R46 (P) Chelsea Piers-College Point via Exp
PelhamLocal- Is there an actual R46 with blue seats and black flooring



you can download them
they're not off-line
they just need to be updated to modern standards
enjoy that picture

Im thinking of doing an Object building class in February
every Friday from 6-11
This is only done on a whim and as a test.
This is endorsed only with me 


interesting yankeePwnMets
now's my turn


the R68's on the J


Here's an R68 on the G
what comes to mind

Yeah its very nice, especially the undercarriage. I almost thought it was an R160 until I saw the car numbers and front/back.

With a few more modifications, such as changing the poles and ceiling, it looks like it could be released as an R160. How long is the train? 60 feet or 75 feet?
60 feet
mike made them like the R160 so basically, you can call it a carbon copy

heres an R143

and the trucks aren't mine, they belong to bstyles

modified R202


This is what Happens when you fall asleep on the subway for a long time, you become stuck on a layup train

on weekend layup, seriously, how can workers leave their trains like that, it always was a mystery to me

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