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Title: R32's on the L line - Photo's and Videos + R143 Bonus
Post by: Mr Railfan on August 22, 2013, 12:03:05 am
In an Extremely luck catch, DJ Hammers and I caught an R32 Yard move from East New York Yard to Canarsie yard that resulted in two train sets of 32s being moved down the Canarsie Line. Here is the coverage of the Moves. Check out DJ Hammers Post for an Alternate look at the action.
R32 Peeking out of Canarsie Yard
R32 At Canarsie Yard with a R160
R143 L Train on it's way to Canarsie - Rockaway Parkway
Fresh out of the Yard wash, Passing E105 St
R143 and R32 Meet at Atlantic Avenue
R32 going down the Ramp, back into East New York yard

R32 Z train Passing E105 Street
[HD] R32 Z via the L line Passes East 105th Street - 2013 (
R32 J Train Passing Atlantic Avenue and meeting with a R143 L train.
[HD] R32 J via the L line meets an R143 L train at Atlantic Avenue -2013 (
As always, thanks for watching and please subscribe to my youtube for more!