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The R44 for openBVE has been released!

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Dj Hammers:
After being under development for a long time, the R44 for openBVE is finally released! 2009, 1989, and 1972 versions are included in this package.

Download link:

Train Version: v3.0
Train Released March 25th, 2017

Built in 1971-1973 by St. Louis Car Company
Rebuilt by NYCTA and Morrison-Knudsen 1991-1993
All cars retired by September 2010. Car 5240 is preserved by the NY Transit Museum


Alright so idk if this is happening to anyone but when i run the 2009 R44 8 car set it doesn't show texture 5 present so it just looks like the train has no back

OS_Ats1.dll missing

Does the train have rollsign controls? If it does then I haven't found them.

Yes there are, If you push the 6,7, or 8? keys on your keyboard they should roll.


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