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Hey man, I know it's quiet in here. Keep up the great work, the trains are amazing. The detail is definitely worth the FPS hit. By comparison I'm able to hit easily hit 60+ FPS on the R40/M/42 from 2015 in exterior view. A 10 car consist from one of these only averages around 45-50 fps by comparison... at least I can still hit 60+ easily with the 3D cab. Hard to believe over a year has gone by since you originally announced you were taking over development. Looking forward to your future projects.  8)

Wow... amazing work. You sure are right about those pics doing all the talking.  8)

Looking great, can't wait for the finished route.  8)

Other Projects / Re: [RELEASED] (WIP) 1970s Routes
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:42:42 pm »
Some more updates on the 1973 A:

-New vintage benches
-New curve between 175 St and 168 St.
-50th St is done.
-Wider platform and new pillars at W4 St.
Currently working on Canal St, Spring St and 23 St.

Not really much as you would expect from a long silence especially HERE, but I worked a lot on the R42 (I'll post update soon) and other random shit.

New curve between 175 and 168 Sts

ALSO: project list updated, check first page.

Nice work, looking forward to the finished project. Any chance you can also implement that updated curve on the current updated A line? Always felt that section leading to the first curve was abit inaccurate.


(NOTE: The sounds are not original from the release, I only changed propulsion sounds, so do not consider it as the official download link!!!)

Thanks for the upload Mr. Badrive!  8)

I think he ment R142A

Indeed he did. Would anyone please reupload the R142A? The link has been dead for atleast 3 months now.



Created by: Bvefan
Bombardier R142
Version: 1.9.5B

0 Key = LEDs Destination Signs and Stripmaps
9 key = Last Stop
Horn 1 = Horn
Horn 2 = Stand Clear
Horn Music = Being held Momen... Ann.

All Major Coding Work Done Together By:
Shaquille Johnson (BveFan) & Michael Bradshaw (TheExpress/XD60);
Along With Any Textures or Codes Unspecified

Bvefan & Bstyles

Cab: Ryan J. Terry & Michael Bradshaw
4 line Stripmap: Aahd
Trucks textures: Bstyles

Propulsion: By Fan Railer Modified By TheExpress/XD60 & Bvefan
Sound recordings by Bvefan and TheExpress/XD60

Michael Bradshaw & Fan Railer

Mr. Railfan & Dj. Hammers

Special Thanks to:
Randy Puello
Ryan J. Terry
Aahd Tahar
Michael García
Miles Blount
Mekhi Central
The Openbve NYCT developers

Download Link is on Mediafire for now until someone approves download on bvestation:

Awesome work on the R142 man, the amount of detail being added to newly released content is mind boggling. And to think I used to think it couldn't get any better back in the days of the old legacy routes.

Also, would anyone mind reuploading the R142A? The links posted a few months ago are dead.

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