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Since 2011, Mackoy has tried & failed to give better explanation on how to develop scenarios for BVE 5 and beyond. I don't blame him, it's a free game and updates take time. Now 3rd party scenario devs are writing programs that help in relation with vehicle creation and route creation of course! The only thing is that, it's all in Japanese. Here are the updated list of programs that Japanese devs use for the newer 5.6 version of BVE.

Gibimappu  Edit
software that allows you to create a route data from Google Map.
※ Mozilla FireFox is required. It is outside of the browser is likely not work correctly.
+ Attachments and other options
Relaxation curve calculation table (Excel)
Vertical curve calculation table (Excel)
Splitter curve radius calculation table (Excel)
Distance move macro (Excel)
macros to add or subtract to the distance amount specified distance entered in the cell.
SLF editor  Edit
tool that allows you to edit the stop list file
BVE5 scenario files shortage checker 
BVE5 scenario file excess and deficiency can check tools.
BVE5 Scenario File Maker
software to create and edit the scenario file for BVE5.
BVE5TASC calculation table (Excel)
general purpose ATS plug-in TASC syntax calculation software
Other line position calculation tool  Edit
for BVE5, calculation software of other line position in the curve.
BVE5 for structure viewer
viewer corresponding to CSV pngX.
BVE5 for structure converter
tool that allows you to convert CSV to X files for BVE5 alone.
CSV file importer for Metasequoia
the CSV format of the structure of the 3D modeling software Metasequoia (※ paid version) plug-in for reading with.
CSV structure viewer
viewer corresponding to the CSV. It is different from a structure viewer for BVE5. (X files not supported)
Vehicle.Txt Editor Ver 0.5
It is software to edit the vehicle file.
Password "limitedexpress" is required
Parameter editor
tool for editing the vehicle parameters file
VVVF handy notch curve generation sheet vehicles
for VVVF inverter control cars, Excel sheet that you can create a vehicle performance table from the acceleration, etc.
Cake Maker
instrument-based display software (extended version of gauge.exe)
BVE5 for motor sound editor
tool that allows you to edit the motor sound for BVE5.
For BVE5 ForceCalc general-purpose version (Excel) 
Excel sheet that converts the various performance graph in Force for BVE5
Resistance control corresponding ForceCalc (Excel) 
Excel sheet to calculate the performance CSV for BVE5 from power running notch curve and the tensile force curve
BVE5.4 vehicle specified syntax manufacturer
tool for setting the random activation of the syntax of the vehicle. β version.
software to resize the png files to a power of two of size
Pitch Flattener
tools to constant pitch of the motor sound.

Hopefully this list intrigued you and now you want to experiment. At the moment I'm currently working on something regarding the NYC subway, since it's the hype over in America. For now, it's only in the planning stage. I have to get close measurements for station distance and time tables, and as a result I'm relying on Wikipedia for route info & etc... I will be updating my blog @ My YouTube channel also focuses on BVE 5, but currently I only play Japanese routes because they're the only ones available lol.


Station Talk / Re: BVE Suggestions
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:23:37 pm »
There are more than just the NYCT routes. There are not just thousands but millions of individual route sets out there.

Content Development / Re: Raw BVE 2,4 Files for BVE 5 converter testing
« on: August 09, 2013, 06:13:02 pm »
Here is the link for the Central Line conversion. I tried the Franklin shuttle it works but the scenery in some sections of the route disappear. Need to fix certain errors. Might add some moving trains. Variuo Syntax errors, missing .WAV files, missing objects, wall and signal files are also missing on some parts of the route.

BVE 5: Central Line conversion testing SUCCESS

Content Development / Raw BVE 2,4 Files for BVE 5 converter testing
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:45:00 pm »
I have recently converted the Central Line (London Underground) to BVE 5.4.4. I noticed that raw BVE 2,4 files work very well in the conversion process. So if anyone has any un-altered Openbve route files please send them to me as rar. files at, thanks.

I am also uploading raw unedited footage of the Scenario conversion on my channel @Fumxe2 on YouTube please check it out and please message me for raw route files!

When i say "raw" i mean original non altered BVE 2,4 files only. Routes with the original BVE programming and design use the same objects as Japanese BVE 2,4 routes therefore they can be converted successfully. Because of this the converter can read and convert these routes for BVE 5 use.

I found a site in Japanese that has PSD downloads. They are animated as-well!

Content Development / Re: Developer Resources
« on: August 05, 2013, 06:30:21 pm »
Route for
            Relaxation curve spreadsheet (Excel)
            Vertical curve spreadsheet (Excel)
            SLF editor
Structure for
            BVE5 for structure viewer
            BVE5 structure for converter
            Metasequoia for CSV file importer
For vehicles
            Parameter editor
            Cake Maker
            BVE5 motor sound editor
            BVE5 ForceCalc for general-purpose version (Excel)
            Resistance control corresponding ForceCalc (Excel)
            (Reference-official) original production support tool

Content Development / Re: Developer Resources
« on: July 30, 2013, 12:36:01 pm »
What web browser are you using at the moment? I use chrome so i get the pages translated.

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: Plans to translate BVE5 Documentation
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:00:17 pm »
Hey man i've seen ur YouTube videos and i also wish to create Scenarios for BVE 5. I'm tired of playing the japanese ones over and over again. I was wondering if we could collaborate. i have contacts with japanese devs and they gave me some insider on some software and a bit of programing help. 

On the main page there is also links for add-ons please download because software doesn't come pre loaded with these add-ons!!!!

More videos about gbmaps at the creators YouTube page

Here is a demonstration video for curves on gbmaps. There is more videos about the software, just visit the link i posted after this
GB Maps - ギビマップ - Curve

I personally don't know how to use the software. I just recently found out about this myself actually. I'm in contact with some Japanese devs right now on some software that can be accessed without any translators


This is for Bve content developers who need a easy content creation tool/software. The website is in Mlaysian and mixed with arabic. Originally this software created for other uses and not for BVE but the software creators decided to add the feature for BVE content creation and have released it for all to use. The software is still in development stages so most features are still in the works but basic track placement as well as route testing is available. Install instructions are on the page. I posted this so that OpenBve developers can try to create content for BVE 5. email me at for more info about the software. I do not own the software. I am only providing a source where you cn get it from.

Content Development / Re: Developer Resources
« on: May 18, 2013, 06:14:45 pm »
I have found some links to software for BVE 5 route creation as well as cab creation! Please chack this out!

Content Development / Re: Developer Resources
« on: April 12, 2013, 08:36:34 pm »
I have found a website that offers creators tools for BVE 5 ( if you could can you please look at this, this might be helpful in BVE 5 NYCT route creations!

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