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Cortland St Station (1) After 9/11

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Guys If you have any information on where the Cortland St (1) Line Station Entrance is it would be grateful. I know that the station is demolished but im just gonna take some pictures on the entrance thanks!

Its closed until further notice, might not reopen until the tower is completely finished.

R62A 2067:
It will not open until the PATH side gets repaired. It will somewhere before SAS.

Guys i said that im NOT going to go in the station i just wanna know where the entrance is. I found a entrance to it at Vesley St And West Broadway on google maps but i cant go to street view on that place. Who has another entrance?

Slants I didnt see your post but why are they gonna reopen the station until the tower is finshed? 9/11 Might happen again and then we will all be back from Square 1.
Besides the Station is finshed already except for the platforms there still broken a bit


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