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Oh shizzle! Made a new cab for the R188 and it looks good! Enjoy! I will release this when ever the R188 is done. For now foam all over it!

Here is a new cab for the PA-1 through PA-4(Some what)! Fan railer and I updated the cab while he updated the physics and sound for the train. We expect to make a new exterior and higher resolution cab some time in the future but for now this is what we have. We hope you enjoy!

Check out his video for more information!

My Video:

Fan Railerís Video:

General BVE/OpenBVE / How to operate a AMUE Train!
« on: February 25, 2018, 07:38:11 pm »
Don't know how to operate the new Gate car and always overrunning the stations? well here you go!

NOTE: The video is pretty crappy as this is my first time using my voice and the first tutorial I did.

NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread for the NYCTA IND Routes
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:25:43 pm »
I have come back from the dead! Sorry for the long wait of developing news. You already know your boy got the hook up when it comes to the QBL. Sooo...Here we go...More pictures and a video to come. For now, enjoy 😉.

Soon to be added:
- I will get better platform textures for the non ADA compliant platforms.
- Detailing 63 and 53 street tubes and connectors blah blah.
- Better objects or textures for Sixth and Eight...blah blah and blah
- Magnificent Tunnels, Track, and signals.
- F via the E and vice versa.

Already added:
- Brand spanking new pillars. Itís actually 3D and not 3 paper faces. (Cool i know right 😏)
- I made a new wall for the local. cause the other ones was in sections and aint no body got time for that.
- New textures. (heheh. Aesthetics with the shadows tho.)
- a F to Second Avenue.
- a E to World Trade Center (duh)
- Hillside local and express.

Stay tuned for more goodies. 😁😏

Other Projects / Re: 1970s A, J, M and 6 lines
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:11:55 pm »
More screenshots:

Cleveland St

Crescent St

Tracks between Metropolitan Ave and Fresh Pond Yard

M Curve before Myrtle Ave



Station Talk / Re: Ratings
« on: July 04, 2017, 03:45:55 pm »
Hey Broskie, Don't mind them okay, just do what you do best, BEING YOU. Alot of people on here are very immature and disrespectful, beings that the Admins are not doing anything about it, it seems they either don't care about the website, they have not been active, or they are enjoying the problems it creates. Just post pics. Don't mind the ratings, honestly who looks at ratings anyways? People who have brains. And if the people on here were real people, they would be helping you out and connecting the dots, your posts, to your actions, to your personality and your ratings, it does not add up. Eventually someone will get karma in the back, whoever is doing it will get karma, trust me, what goes around comes around. Happy Patriot Day!

Thanks for that. That really brightened up my day man. I really appreciate you saying that man. Have a lovely day partner. Stay safe. Stay Classy.

Station Talk / Ratings
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:11:58 pm »
Okay here we are again..about 2-3 months later. I made a previous thread about how the rating system is getting abused but then the admins totally "debunked" that to me being a asshole on the fourms.

A  few months later I'm not a asshole and but I am still getting downrated. Why? Because people are doing this for no reason. I used to be at 0. Now im at 50 by time the person downrating me see this thread. Every time I post they downrate me. I can see it. I been investigating this for over 2 months. I contacted an admin told them what is happening then told me its because im a asshole. I haven't posted till late june. Still getting downrated.

I don't know if you don't care or you hate me personally but it really have to stop. The person who is downrating me, if you see this. Message me. I want to sort out our "differences" theres no reason to keep down rating me. No one is doing anything to you!

A message to the admins: I am not trying to be rude or anything but this is getting out of control. You don't believe me at all which is the sad part because I am telling you what is happening. I took that "break" you wanted me to do. I did all that jibberish. I would like it if you guys will help me now, please.

Thank you for your time. Happy fourth.

That's nice! Looking forward to it WizDaGamer, and good luck. If you need signs I'm here

Thanks! I will be sure to ask you if I need some.

Alrighty. Heres a update on the Southbound E.

- New tunnels to match the color and fluorescent lights on archer.
- New Textures for the following stations Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica Van Wyck, Briarwood, Union Turnpike, Forest Hills.
- Making Archer specific tracks.
- And more!

More pictures to come soon.

NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread For The R68/R68A
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:54:14 pm »
To those who said it will never release...How bout dat?

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: New User Problems running NYCT-D[v4.2]
« on: May 31, 2017, 03:14:15 pm »
Looks like you are missing Lisaraye2. You can download it on the website if it is not in the zip.

You also put this in the wrong forum section

I'll let the picture explain for me...Well I can say this...

Views From The E

Later in the future I will update ALL station textures. Some are place holders and will change soon. I will post more pictures once I update platform textures and detail more of the stations. I also have updated the skeleton to have accurate distances.  That's all for now. Enjoy!


Looks good though. Keep up the good work!

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