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NYCTA Projects / Announcements in routes
« on: October 12, 2012, 02:50:45 pm »
Hello everyone, i am currently working on a project to better categorize the announcements we use and to make it universal across all non-fictional routes. This will in the end save space and time for lot's of developers and users who download routes. Developers would no longer have to go out and record the announcements and won't have to post duplicate folder with the same announcements saving a bunch of space.  Over the past 3 years of fanning and daily commuting i have accumulated a lot of announcements and with a bunch of contributions from many people i have compiled announcements for nearly every line.

Here is an example of what the "Broadway" Folder will Contain :
(N) , (Q) , (R) and (W) train announcements, along with lines that are rerouted on the Broadway line like a (B) train to Astoria , (E) via Broadway ,etc.

 There will be a announcement index included with each folder for easy browsing.  These are the folders that i will publish after i finish compiling everything:

--- ---A Division-----

(4) (5) (6)  , (2) via Lexington av
(1) (2) (3) and (5) via 7th ave
(7) <7> and Grand central (S)
------B division-------

(B) (D) (F) (M) (V) and reroutes along 6th ave
(A) (C) (E) and reroutes along 8th ave , and (S)

(N) (Q) (R) (W) and reroutes along Broadway lines

(L) and (V) to/from canarsie

(J) (Z) and Brown (M)

(G) and reroutes along the (G)

public service announcements

Once completed i will post the download link to each folder underneath it's name in this thread. Although i have a lot of announcements recorded, i still don't have all so If anyone has some announcements they want to contribute, feel free to email it to me at  . I will give credit to whoever wants to contribute.

Transit / R160 (R) via B'way Express Announcements
« on: September 02, 2012, 11:57:00 pm »

NYCTA Projects / (RELEASED) Status of the (D) and (F) Routes.
« on: June 19, 2012, 02:53:17 am »
These Lines have been updated and can now be found on the download section here:

Ok guys wanted to post a status update on the two routes:

The (D):
Whats finnished:

-is currently fully updated with Timers

-Brightness feature (darkness in tunnel) and updated announcements.

-NTT announcements have been installed for the full route from 205 to CI.

Whats Left:

- Fully get rid of glitches and update station textures
- replace outdated / old static train objects with new or moving objects
- Add route scenarios to the NTT version [like reroutes or short turns]
-Update and finnish the stretch between Bay 50 ST and CI
- Add AI speed limits
- Convert Audio files to .flac format to save space
-Add in an express Concourse route

The (F)
Whats Finished:

-Fully upgraded with timers
-Brightness command added
-Updated Static trains
- Full overhaul of NTT announcements and replacement with HD audio
- Various Scenarios have been added
-Fix all Known glitches
-Speed limits added to AI trains [no more over running timers]
-AI trains reflect what time you are running the train (EX:
More AI trains and shorter headways during the rush hour route , long headways on late night and weekend route)
-Local on Queens Blvd after Roosevelt ave (thanks to BRR)

Whats Left:

-Add in Beacon command so compatible trains go into emergency if you run a timer.
-Add more route scenarios and
-add weather elements to route scenarios
-Fully upgrade all station textures
-Replace static buildings with more identical ones found while running the route
-Local via 53st
-Local via queens Blvd local after 21st QuensBridge / Queens Plaza.

I will soon post screen shoots of the route , along with a preview video. I believe the F will be released before the D as im spending more time updating the F route.

The F [Version 4.5] should be released some time this month if all goes well.

F [version 5] will be released this summer with updated Buildings and station textures , and the D will follow after.

Also on a side note I have also updated the (A) with timers from 207 to lefferts . It will be released once the updated a to Rock Park / Far rockaway is released.

Also does anyone know if there are any timers between 169 and 179?

General BVE/OpenBVE / Openbve Discontinued.
« on: May 07, 2012, 05:45:07 pm »
It seems that the founder of openbve has chosen to discontinue updating Opnbve and create future versions of the program. See it for yourself.

I hope that this does not mean the end of this community as I and many other developers are still developing projects. plus there's still BVE 5 to look up to.

Transit / Guess whats back on the A .........
« on: March 23, 2012, 09:31:55 pm »
Caught today [3/23/12] During the PM rush, enjoy:

Original color of the seats can be seen through the scratches

The younger cousing sits across the platform waiting to be taken to layup

Here are some videos (please excuse the crappy quality , i only had my phone with me as this just turned up unexpected)

R32 A train departing 125st (taken 3/23/12) - Full 10 car set
(will post more vids in a minute)

I was also with r40r32 so he should upload some HD videos of this trip soon.

Im not sure if this set is just a put in , or permanently assigned to the A.

NYCTA Projects / R142/R142A Panel By Mr Railfan - TEASER TRAILER!!
« on: October 18, 2011, 09:14:06 pm »
Another addition to my list of projects , The R142.

Now i know there's already another cab in development by Bstyles [A 3D cab ] , so i decided to make a 2D one. Im also not working on any of the sounds or the Exterior/Interior .
If you want to see those view Bstyle's Thread Here :

Here is a preview. Not the Final version!!

Leave any feedback and comments , Thats what helps me improve and fix errors . I will Post a video of the cab in action soon so stayed tuned.

BVE/OpenBVE Support / I Need Help with Coding.
« on: September 06, 2011, 06:27:31 pm »
Can any route or train developer help me out with this:

Basicly im having trouble making my R143 Display different features on the Left monitor like "Loss of T/O personnel" whenever the Emergency brake is applied or you fail to acknowledge that you are present (a form of deadmans feature i put in where you have to press [Delete] key every 60 seconds or the train goes into emergency) , or "ATO enabled" whenever you turn on the AI to operate the train . I looked at the basic codes that where provided at and i still dont get it .
For example:
i put in

Subject = ats256
Location = 453, 764
DaytimeImage = cab\ATS.png
NighttimeImage = cab\ATS.png
TransparentColor = #0000FF
Layer = 10

the subject is ats256 because on the openbve website it says 256 is the default number for the built in safety system that comes with every Openbve and 256 signifies ATS enabled .

So why doesnt the ats.png [ats.png shows "CBTC enabled"if anyone was wondering what the picture shows] show up whenever i enable ats?

If someone can make anysense out of what i wrote or knows how to code in such features so that they show up on the monitor whenever you enable them , please help me out! 8)

Transit / The official G.O [Route Diversion Thread]
« on: September 04, 2011, 07:01:08 pm »
whether planned or unexpected G.Os happen all the time int the world of NYC subway . Post your pictures and videos here of them.

Here are a few of mine:
R46 F via west end

R160 L to Bedford Ave

R160 Q via Brighton Express

R160 Q via West End

R160 E to Coney Island Via F express and 6av

R160 M via 8av

R160 F to Euclid Ave

R160 F via 8av

R160 Q to brighton Beach via local

R160 F to Ave X

R160 E via 6 ave

ill upload some more later.

NYCTA Projects / R68 [Version 1.0] Has Been Released!
« on: August 08, 2011, 10:32:58 pm »
Ladies and gentleman i present to you Version 1 of My R68 ! Enjoy!

Now until the Admins put it up in the download section you can Download it here:

Speacial thanks to :
Simon and Pacific

Transit / R32s Back on the A , R46s Back on the C
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:52:40 pm »
I was gonna post this earlier but i dint have a chance so here it is now:

It seems that the A and C have been shaken up once more where there is now at least 4 sets of 10 Car A trains and a ton of 46s on the C
Theres also a 10 car set of r32s  on the Far Rockaway shuttle with the rollsigns set to H - Rockaway shuttle.

Here are some pics i took the other day of the R32 at Far Rockaway

And here are some of the R46 C:

And a little Bonus i caught on my way home : Q via D

Ladies and Gentlemen I would Like to present to you yet another project im working on . Once again im most likely not going to be developing the train Interior / Exterior [I have a little too Much on my hands right now :P] so i will be focusing my attention on the panel instead .

I was going to merge this thread with my R160 Thread , but after looking at how different the cabs are and how much work would have to be  put into this cab , i decided to create its own thread so i can post updates later on.
Heres the R160 Cab/Panel Thread if u didnt check it out yet:

Now as i promised here's the preview:

Tell me what you people think! 8)

Please Note: this is not the final version and it will be updated in the future.

NYCTA Projects / (RELEASED) R68 OpenBve [Cab Preview]
« on: June 15, 2011, 05:38:33 pm »
This train has been released!

Download Link:

Ladies and Gentleman i would like to show you one of my newest Cab/Panel projects that im currently working on :

As you can see its far from done , but i just wanted to show you guys a preview of what ive Completed so far. Also please note that im NOT Developing the entire R68/ R68a , im just creating this so the existing R68 can be updated or this will be given to a proper developer who's currently working on the R68. I will post more updates in this thread relating to this panel soon.

Now because im in a good mood i want to give you guys some more preview pics of the cab in action  ;D.
[BTW , i would like to thank zerobeats2000 for the brake controller! 8) ]

Above is a Manhattan Bound R68 (N) train entering 59st .

A Manhattan Bound R68 (N) Express train Bypassing a Local Station.

A R68 Approaching a "Diverging" Timer in Tjays Signal Test Route.

NYCTA Projects / (RELEASED) R160 Cab/Panel Development
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:51:00 pm »
This train has been released!
Download Link:

Although Im not officially working on any New tech ,Including the R160 ,[i have my hands full already :P], I just wanted to show you guys something ive been working on for a while now . Although its not fully finished , i wanted to give you guys a preview to what you might see in the next update for the R160 :

I also have a r143 Deviation of this panel so i should upload that in a little while .

Hope you enjoy this little preview

Also keep in Mind this is the first public preview of the cab and its in no way finished .

Transit / R68 (D) and (B) via Culver Line (F)
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:02:35 pm »
Due to a incident at grand st , some D and B trains where rerouted via Culver express to coney island . they switched to express middle track at 18 av . r40r32 and me where lucky enough to catch this G/O in effect at ditmas :

R68 (D) Entering Ditmas

A coney island Bound R68 (D) Bypassing Ditmas Ave

Another shot of the r68 (D) Bypassing Ditmas

 R68 (D) leaving Ditmas

R68 (D) Heading to 18av & Coney island

R68 (B) Entering ditmas

R68 (B) Flying through ditmas (im suprised the camera was able to focus ! lol)

R68 B leaving Ditmas

Ditmas Ave

A few bonus shots :

R160 Coming out of the Church ave tunnel

A Coney island Bound R160 (F) Coming into Ditmas

A Manhattan Bound r160 (F) switching to the express track just before entering the tunnel to church.

Abandoned Culver Shuttle tracks that lead to 9 Ave station . [An R160 F can be seen exiting the tunnel out of Church Ave .]

NYCTA Projects / BMT A/B Standard [OpenBVE] - Official Thread
« on: February 01, 2011, 04:23:10 pm »
i would like to inform you guys that i have begun work on the BMT A/B Standard ,also known as the BMT STD. This project will be delayed because of my work on the r30 and the r62a . After thats done im going do be helping out a few other developers with their projects . So after all of that is completed, i will focus my attention on this . I already have a beta exterior set up and i will be going to the Transit museum this week to get additional textures. the cab will also be photo-realistic [as always 8)] . i also have all the sounds for the project that i need. I will post additional updates and preview pictures in this thread. hope you guys can endure the wait  !

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