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R40 Slant Panel Official Thread!

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This project is an R40 slant panel for OpenBVE.

So far:

■ working wipers
■ photo realistic control handles (no handle pop up for emergency brake for OpenBVE reasons  :()
■ animated horn button
■ lowered the pantograph gate (as suggested by members)
■ light and dark lighting for routes that support it[/li]

special thanks to jtr1962 and DJHammers and everyone else for support

Some sounds need work.  Once I get to purchase the needed software, I will resume.

There will be no exterior at this time, but enjoy the wide view behind the cab of the R40 slant.  New screen shots will be posted shortly and I'll keep everyone updated.

Dj Hammers:
Do you have audacity? That's what I use for sound and it's free and open-source.

Actually I should try that out.  I have goldwave but hardly use it because its not as convenient as Sony Acid.  I used Acid Pro 7 (demo) and I'm comfortable with it, now just need to purchase it. 

316 Cape May:
Audacity is a great program.

Will try audacity.  Thanks guys!  I can see the R40 and R44 moving a little faster in progress.


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