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Official Update Thread for the Amtrak Cascades Siemens Charger SC-44


I made a model of the Charger SC-44 in openBVE. I'm sure this is a train that many people have been looking for. I only made it in Amtrak Cascades WSDOT livery because that was the easiest to do, although I MAY make IDOT in the future. The model is finished, I just need a software that current Sketchup modelers use to convert it so I can use it in BVE (Note I have it in .skp and 3DS files). I don't have any plans on making Cascades passenger coaches, so I will probably just use Horizons or Amfleets, and whip up a quick reskin of the F40PH into the NPCU. Once I have the model sized correctly and working in-game, I will work on the sounds, cab, etc. It it is OK with the original developer, I will probably use or modify the ACS-64 cab, but if not I will find something. Stay tuned for updates, and please let me know what I should do to convert the model into a file to be used in openBVE.


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