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How do you make a route in Routebuilder/Code by hand

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I gonna make a new open-source RouteBuilder-like program for OpenBVE, called OpenRB 1.4.3. But first I need to do this:
1)Develop three hand-made routes
2)Steal a source code from Uwe Post.

Please stop double posting, we get the idea the first time.  Keep doing it you will be considered spamming the forums and violating a rule.  If it was not intentional then please say so and a staff member will help you out on removing the double post, but seeing as the posts were at least 3 hours apart, the double post was intentional.  You are also violating the rules if you are doing it to bump a topic.  Please do not do that.

Resources are available for people who want to create routes, please, please visit the homepage of BVEStation and click develop.  I dont understand why people cannot USE BVEStation to its fullest extent when all the resources are smacked right in front of you.  You dont even have to search for it.   I dont understand how I as the webmaster can make things any easier for you guys to provide this information, compared to v4 where all the information was hidden inside menus and what not.

Please visit this page:

Its a shame if you bookmark only the forums of this website, because you are missing out on the other 65% of the website.  I know people that do this, and its a shame.  If you want the full BVEStation experience, bookmark our homepage, NOT our forum.

If you have a question or a specific tutorial you would like to post, then feel free to post it in the forums, and thats what the forums are for.  They are not for asking questions that are obviously smacked right in your face on the homepage.  If you are requesting for better tutorials or have somethings that are unclear,  then you can do that as well, but please do that as a last resort.  The forums are for discussing specific questions about these things, not for obvious answers.  This topic will now be locked.


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