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Newbie: Routes, tracks and activities


So I read this on the wiki:   "The format assumes an implicit rail 0 which cannot be explicitly started or ended. Instead, it is present from the beginning of the route to the end, and it marks the rail the player's train drives on. All other rails in the CSV format are purely visual and have no functional purpose."

This implies to me that if you have a complex track layout, and you want to create multiple "activities" on it, that you must rebuild the route.

For example, this would make it very difficult to take a two track route and allow it to be run in both directions.  You'd almost have to tear up all the track through the scenery and re-lay the track 0 and then create  the other decorative tracks.

Am I correct?



Yes. Rail 0 is known as the main Rail that you run on in openbve. Everything else in the world pertaining to tracks are decorated by freeobj and rail command's. The only way to turn around in bve is by coding in changing ends. Changing ends is a way to load a route backwards rather than reloading the entire route differently.

Thank you. I was afraid of that. It's still fun.


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