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Making All Stops, Giveaway #4!

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Brighton Express:
(A) and (M) are my favorite, Brighton and West End (M). (A) is the first letter in my name, love that smooth run on the 8 Av Express.

The 2 and 5 train are my favorite. I love the 2 train and 5 train because of the r142. The r142 is my favorite train set I love the cab and the brakes of the train. Since the 5 train is in the east side of manhattan I ride it all the time I love seeing all the important rich people ride  on the Lexington ave line. I live in between the 2 and the 5 like right in the middle I could catch the 5 at Morris park or the 2 train at Bronx park east or At Pelham parkway. Actually I love the 7th ave line express and local and the Lexington ave express and local line. I'm proud to live in New York City and ride the mta.   

A train is definitely my favorite. Especially the section to the Rockaways, and the summer months when the A & C car swaps take place.

Psycho William:
R32s/R38 are my favorite trains because too loud in my ear  :)


A line rush hour is my favorite because its very faster like a sonic  8)

Congratulations to DJ Hammers for winning November.


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