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Any Canadian Routes/Trains?

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Hi there,

I live in Toronto, and I would like to try out the Toronto Subway lines, or the GO trains that operate in the areas around Toronto.

Additionally, I'd like to try out any other routes that are based in Canada.

If there is anything out there, please post a link.  At the time of this writing, the site was down, so forgive me if the answers are there.

If anything doesn't yet exist, I would love to see it developed but don't have the resources.  I was just hoping something was out there.


Dj Hammers:
I think that somewhere out there is a TTC subway route and train.

I do not know where to download it however.


So far I have found a forum that discusses the existance of a route for the Toronto Yonge-University-Spadina "yellow line", but nowhere is there an official download,
according to that forum.

Unfortunately users on that forum say that nothing else has been done for the Toronto area.  So I'm outta luck for GO Trains, or any other branches of the
TTC Subway.

I will check the massive list of links provided given that the bve-routes site is down, perhaps I will find something further on this Toronto YUS route.

I have the YUS route. It was originally built in 2003 by Dave Reage, he updated it in 2006. Its one of the best made routes in the world. It ran perfectly in BVE2 & 4. I tried it in OpenBVE tonight for the first time, but since OpenBVE is an abortion, there are errors in the route, the most glaring is the doors do not open at any station. i will try to fix the mistakes, when I do, I will send it to you. Please give me a few days since I will be busy with work this week. Someone started the Shepherd subway a few years back, but it was never released.


Toronto YUS route and train downloads:

The original route download includes the R36 train.
TDBW has the new route and the "Toronto Rocket" train.


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