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P42DC Object File assistance requested.


Fan Railer:
I would like to make use of a P42DC object file that is found in the bvevirginia group of objects. In it's current state, the b3d only codes for half of the locomotive. one side is solid, and there is a front, but the other side is blank. If I send someone the relevant object files, would they be able to modify the b3d so that it codes for a complete (minus the rear, since there's no picture for the rear of the locomotive). In addition, there's an amfleet object that has the same issue. It would be nice if the same person could do that for me.

Another alternative is to show me how to manipulate the coding in the b3d file so that the textures are used on both sides of the object. Whatever suits you guys. Thanks.

Fan Railer:
The enthusiasm on this thread is very encouraging....  ;)

@Fan Railer,
Someone may have responded to your P42 request!  See this on the Indonesia forum.

Fan Railer:
HELL YEA!!!!! videos coming soon XD


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