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Greetings from Canada!

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Nicholas Blonski:
Hey everyone, a few of you guys might know me as YouTube user Skinnylee2. I am from Calgary, in Canada, and I just thought I might as well sign up for this forum just for the heck of it. My name is Nicholas Blonski but you guys can call me Nick. Now, you guys may know that SubwayTrainOperator5 has chosen to quit not only this forum, but also YouTube, so I am also the guy who now controls his YouTube channel. Since he also used to be a member on here, I guess I am essentially "replacing him" on the internet. So, um, yeah, just wanted to say hi, nothing else for now  :)

Welcome Nicholas! I think you'll recognize me from Youtube too.

Hey Nick! You may recognize me as SEPTA from the OMSI forums!

Enjoy your stay

Nicholas Blonski:
Thanks guys! Despite all the bad stuff I heard about this forum (not to offend), I will try to be as loyal of a member as I can  :)

Dj Hammers:
No worries, the troublemakers are all gone now. BVEStation is very peaceful now.


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