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Thanks, this has helped to increase my FPS significantly!! I have also found another solution, as the battery of the PC was being drained much faster since the switch:

In the NVIDIA Control panel, in the Manage 3D settings tab, instead of changing the setting of the preferred graphics processor from Intel (or auto-select) to the built-in GPU from NVIDIA under global settings, you can click on the program settings tab, add OpenBVE (and Routeviewer if you want) under option 1, and under option 2 you can select which graphics processor you would like to use with the program. This way, OpenBVE runs with the NVIDIA GPU, and leaves most programs to Integrated Graphics of Intel if the global setting is on auto. It reduces battery usage if you have a laptop, as I found many apps using the GPU that didn't want/need it.

Aw man, I was hoping it was just a simple coding fix. Thanks anyway, I did manage to get it to run on the D train at least I got that one to work.

If it is still giving you that issues, you can update to the latest OpenBVE version (, which has the fix. You can download it here.

Good Evening all, and here is a little update on development   8) 8)

Smooth curve from Grant Avenue to Euclid Avenue is done, track and walls

Column beams from the ramp down to Euclid are coded in. The left ones are darker than the right, but that will be fixed soon, as it is an issue with the way the columns are coded

The tunnel roof and columns for all the Layup tracks between Euclid and Grant are coded

These are permanent switches. jkjkjk lol I have not used and underground switches yet, so these will stay there for now. The black hole 2 tracks over is where the other grant track (what the current A to Far Rock uses) comes from, and that hole is where a y-shaped switch will be placed

Aerial view (well, the tracks are underground, so street view?) of the tracks from the Grant Av tracks merge point. Pitkin Yard tracks are not coded yet, will get to that after the Grant Av merge point is done

Tunnels and tracks are mostly done up to Euclid Avenue, besides the yard leads. View of the platform

In the distance the tunnels are up also. The station also has its columns placed throughout the station with its platforms

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Car consist question
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:15:55 pm »
Edit the extension files

That was very vague. You assume @Shawn1995 knows what to edit in the extension file.

@Shawn 1995, in all the trains folders, there is file called 'extension.cfg', which can be opened in either Notepad or Notepad++. After opening the extension file, duplicate the file in to separate folders, for the different configurations you want. The R110A comes in a 10 car configuration, so you would delete lines in the code that correspond to configuration you want. (delete 2 cars for a 8 car set, delete 4 for a 6 car, etc.)

Chugging quietly along is the A to Euclid Av. The underground section is starting to come to life. Slowly...

Portal after 80th Street

Tunnel Walls and track are up for the approach to Grant Avenue

Eventually there will be switch placed here for the Pitkin Yard lead. The other one lowers to the right

Grant Avenue with temporary walls and platform. In the process of editing wall textures

Tunnel walls and track after Grant Avenue. Curve to Euclid can be seen in the distance

Smooth curve after leaving Grant Avenue, on the way to the 4 track Fulton Line

Layout of tracks between Grant Av and Euclid. The yard leads from Euclid Avenue to Pitkin Yards are not coded yet. And that is a temporary, elevated switch placed there lol. The platform in the distance is Euclid Avenue.

BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: LisaRaye 2
« on: May 19, 2017, 07:37:53 am »
Check here for more infomation.

Content Development / Re: Route CSV: Understanding Stations
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:21:14 am »
The Sta End symbol that you see when Events is turned on is 10 meters from the stop marker. From where ever the stop marker is placed, the Sta End symbol will pop up after the stop marker. Its only purpose is making sure the station (.sta, .station) command ends.

Station Talk / Re: Broken Links
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:14:34 am »
The old BVEStation forum got reconfigured, therefore the Ipac links are broken. You can read the old BVEStation forum and look for those links. Dennis Lance's website has been down for quite some time, as that's why those links are broken also.

Houston, I think we have a problem......

Obviously, not the final product, but once the "skeleton" (rails) line up, the major and key component, getting the catwalks, ties, guard rails, and sidings will all fit like a puzzle. I did see an Acela pass on those tracks to Lefferts Blvd tho......

NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) The Complete IRT Development Thread
« on: March 25, 2017, 12:00:45 am »
7 Line looking great! I'm guessing from the scenery and lighting of the textures, will there be a day and night versions of the route? Also, that staircase is so realistic!! Was it made in Sketchup? I might start using it for my routes also....

NYCTA Projects / Re: (v2.1) (RELEASED) R-16 Update Thread
« on: March 24, 2017, 11:58:37 pm »
Nicely done! Amazing work!

NYCTA Projects / Re: The Complete IRT Development Thread
« on: March 07, 2017, 08:19:27 am »
Nice to see the development of the IRT routes are alive and well! Keep up the good work! :o

I hate it when you try to reuse some of the old switches from Lexington and then the color of the rails don't match/don't have the same texture as your actual rails. It always gets me tight :p
After I took the screenshot and uploaded it, I realized that I forgot to remove the {;} that I had in place for the texture line for the middle track rail. The {;} keeps the texture line in the object file but tells Object/Route viewer and OpenBVE to ignore the line instead of totally removing the whole texture line to preventing the texture from loading. The texture is there, though. It is easier for me to code with the rail white (add {;} in the texture line), then "add the texture back". (remove {;} in the texture line)

And I have not used any switches from the Lexington Folder lol, all of the switches that I use in these screenshots and are being upgraded to have textures are either from the 8th Ave or LefShut folder.

Thanks! I need to place the guard rails and catwalks for the middle and Manhattan-bound track, and some fine detailing left to do. A few more weekends and these switches should be done. Then on to the Lefferts-bound track bypass

Nice!!! I will also post updates for the A/C here, but only the heavy updates. The little stuff, like switch work, and platform work, I'll keep to my thread as I occasionally spam it with stuff lol. Nice that there is a pinned thread about it now!

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