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So I been seeing people jump from -1 to -30 in just a few days, weeks. I think it is a problem and we need to fix it. I suggest removing the rating system in general as that would stop the abuse of people down rating for no reason. Take me for example. In January I was at +0/-0. Now I am at -29. For why? I have no idea. Earlier this week I was at -23...if someone have pure hatred to me fore that they should come up and PM me in my inbox and we can sort the situation out. Hear me out on this problem please! and if you having the same thing feel free to reply to this thread.

Have a great day,

Exactly, I also had -11 back in February, and now it's up to -43...

The rating system is meant as a wakeup call for members. As you can see, I have negative ratings as well. Not everyone likes what I have to say, and their opinion is noted.

Perhaps you should start looking into why your rating stands where it does, i.e. look in a mirror. Some of those members might be trying to tell you something.


@Ztraintovroad um -47 right but real quick why are ya complaint about everything 

Also I realize Emari and Ahad that you guys are spamming the forums left and right in every topic that has to STOP TODAY before guys really get banned.   


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