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I installed openBVE on my desktop recently and have had a little problems with the objects. The routes I have installed were the A, B, D, and Q lines. I installed the appropriate dependencies and put them in the correct folder. But the issue I was having is that I can see all the objects for the A line, but no objects appear for the B, D, and Q lines. Here is my object folder as follows:

Program Files (x86) > BVE > Railway > Object > 6th Ave, 8th Ave, Culver, Lisaraye, Lefshut

Thanks for the help!!!  ;D

First, Open BVE should not be a folder in Program Files.  It should be a Folder on your "C" Drive only.  Here is the path:  C\Open BVE\User Data\Legacy Content\Railway\Objects.  Inside the objects Folder, place all the object folders that you downloaded.  Also, maybe an oversight, but you need LisaRaye2 for the Objects, Not LisaRaye.

Ok, Ill try doing it the way you told me. As for LisaRaye, I downloaded the folder from BVE Station, but it says Lisaraye, not Lisaraye2.

I see that there is only one LisaRaye Object Pack on BVE Station.  It is dated sometime in 2015, so it may be the latest pack.  I have been here for quite a while, and I have an earlier pack Called "LisaRaye" and a newer one called "LisaRaye2".  Many of the files are the same with some new objects added.  Let me know how you made out.

Ok, I'll take your advice. Thanks a lot for helping me! I'll reinstall Lisaraye when I have the chance.


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