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Hello BVE community! I recently reset my PC and wanted to reinstall openBVE. I downloaded the program and installed openAL. I know that there should be a "BVE" folder in either program files, or program files x86, but I couldn't find it. Now I don't know where to place the objects to play the routes. My question is, where should I place (or make) an object folder. Thank you!!!!

The Object folder has to be inside the Railway folder with the Route and Sound folders.

I know, but I cannot find the Railway folder. There should be a BVE folder in Program Files or Program Files x86, but I don't see it.

Of course you can always create a Railway folder, or put the routes and trains elsewhere.

I tried doing that, I made a BVE folder in Program Files x86, inside I made the Railway folder and a Train folder. In the Railway folder I made an Object, Route, and Sound folder, but nothing worked.


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