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Hi, I am new to the site and also OpenBve.

I am an old wrinkly(71+) so the learning curve is a bit steep as the old grey matter doesn't take in things as quickly as it used to.

 I am based in the UK.

I have used MSTS in the past but gave up a couple of years ago in order to concentrate on my N gauge layout. Only came across OpenBe by chance so thought I would have a go.

Very impressed with the program itself, especially having seen some of the YouTube footage of the City Link line with all the animated objects.

I am struggling at the moment with the procedure I need to follow to get a train moving. I'm not used to all the AWS/TPWS restrictions etc. Would be nice to have a basic train on which I could just set the forward movement, release the brakes and apply power.

Want to persevere as I think I would get a great deal of enjoyment from the program.

Dr. Subway18:
for a combinded handle use Q to apply brakes, A to coast, and Z to apply power. if the train has 2 handles Like a freight train use  <  and > for the brake controls and A and Z for the throttle.   Use F to put in drive and V for reverse.  ;)

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have a list of all the basic controls and understand the principle but on a number of the trains I have attempted to run despite releasing  brakes, setting forward motion and applying power the train just sits there.

I only run UK trains so don't don't if there are differences with US style locos in releasing ATS/TPWS before moving off. Also, some of the routes show the countdown before departing the platform.

The only train I've had real success with at the moment is the first generation DMU from the BVE Traction Maintenance Depot site where I was able to print off a full drivers guide.

I've looked in the install folders to see if there is a drivers guide for the specific loco I want to use but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm going to use the 1st Generation guide as my "bible" for the time being and hope it gives me more success but obviously it wont' be any use for diesels where there is the extra requirement to start the motor (assuming it's not running when the route is loaded).

I am also looking for help in getting my Logitech Attack 3 joystick setup. The first attempt was a failure as the buttons didn't do anything despite following the customise control screen.

I'm sure I'll get there in the end but it's frustrating at the moment.

Dr. Subway18:
there might be some differences, did you try a UK rail sim forum? I hate to say it but i have little experience for the uk railroads or lines. im sorry.
but ill look for you if you dont find it before i do  ;)

Welcome to the forums, ivatt. As for the UK trains, I've  had some experience with them in openBVE. They have a complex safety system set up which requires you to set up pantographs, release the brakes, and to turn off safety protocols. There should be documentation accompanying the train you've downloaded, if not, then try this:

This only applies to the class323, but most of the other trains such as the class150, 153, ect. utilize the same safety plugin.


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