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MD5 Checksums and 7zip formats


To ensure that your downloads are complete, and not modified in anyway, BVEStation has implemented md5 checksums on select non-fictional routes.  This is to ensure the file you downloaded is the exact same copy as the original.  If for whatever reason you want to do this check, you can do this with md5.

In the near future we will also be implementing 7zip formats for non-fictional routes for our other operating system users so they too can download our files.  Enjoy!

Dj Hammers:
is there a type of self extracting archive that works on mac and linux that can be used?

dmg and deb files are for macs and linux respectively.  They are basically packages, but it is uncommon for the storage of files.  It is usually for programs and stuff like that.  The 7zip format is supposed to work with all supported OSes and has a very high compression ratio, which is why people use it compared to zip.  Rar is a proprietary format while 7zip is an open source format.

if anyone needs a program to check the md5 sums, you can download md5summer. Works like a charm for me


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