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good job on keep up the good work

NYCTA Projects / Re: MTA New York City Transit map for BVE
« on: March 27, 2012, 08:58:00 pm »
Awesome work JayJay85 and Tram man. There's just one problem JayJay. The Broadway line in lower Manhattan between Canal St and DeKalb Av is absent on your map.

i known google place it on page 2 (lower Broadway line and 14th Street Line)

Just asking, but what was updated? What is the changelist?

now the Q starts from 57 Street and gitches was fix

here is the Link guys for special route to the yard using R1 vintage (fan Trips from New York Transit museum)


Do we get to take the train out the Chelsea Yard

Chelsea Yard Car assignment
R32 290 cars (phase 2)
R46 360 cars
R160B 200 cars (Kawasaki)
R160C 210 cars (Bombardier)
Total 1060 cars (115 Train sets)
yes u can take a train out of the yard for openbve for G,H and Q lines

here more updates on the on BMT/IND Staten Island routes
IND Chelsea Yard is located on 477 Woodrow Road, Staten Island, NY 10312.
the Chelsea Yard has 53 storage tracks including 8 inspection tracks

I need that High rise object man lol

it's in the LisaRaye2 folder
or Victory Blvd folder


here more objects Co-ops building (clinton towers)

Here more updates for first time since June 2011

Ellis Island located in Jersey City, New Jersey

Staten Island Express crosses under Victory Blvd

BVEStation Network News / Re: Happy 2012
« on: January 01, 2012, 12:38:01 am »
Happy New Year!

NYCTA Projects / Re: More IND Second System routes
« on: December 12, 2011, 09:08:57 pm »
This is going to be good and interesting,
are you also including the Winfield spur , just wondering??

i could included the Winfield spur.

NYCTA Projects / More IND Second System routes
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:54:25 pm »
I am announcing that more IND Second Systems routes are development.

Astoria Line Extension: This would have curved east along Ditmars Blvd., Astoria Blvd., 112th St., and then diagonally across intervening streets and the Flushing River to Nassau Blvd. for several miles to Cross Island Blvd. (Francis Lewis Blvd.) This line would have been entirely elevated, with two tracks to Astoria Blvd., then 4 tracks to Parsons and Nassau Blvds. (Nassau is now the LIE service road), and then 2 tracks to its terminus. Broad areas of Queens including Steinway, East Elmhurst, Kew Garden Hills and Fresh Meadows that are not served by rapid transit today would have had direct subway access.

Liberty Avenue Line: Extension of the A, then under construction. 4 tracks from Eastern Pkwy/Broadway Junction along Liberty Avenue to about Wyona Avenue, and then 3 tracks along the Liberty Avenue el from Grant Avenue to Lefferts Blvd. But, it didn't end there. The Second System would have made great strides in serving parts of Queens not served at all today (see details of Queens lines below). The Liberty Avenue line would have been extended along Liberty Avenue and then Brinckerhoff Avenue and Hollis Avenues all the way to Springfield Blvd., a distance of 6.2 miles. 3 tracks would have been present to 180th St., and 2 tracks from there to Springfield Blvd. There would have been a short 2 track spur running along 180th St. and then Jamaica Avenue to connect to the end of the Jamaica el at 168th St. Presumably, all beyond Lefferts Blvd. would be an el, but that is not specified. This line is sort of what the Archer Avenue line was supposed to be, as there would also have been a transfer to a line tying-in with the Queens Blvd. IND running down Van Wyck Blvd. That line would have also gone (as a separate line) to SE Queens.

Broadway-7th Avenue Extension of 1, from 242nd St, Bronx to Valentine Lane, Westchester County.

NYCTA Projects / Re: Official Update Thread For The Southbound K Line
« on: December 07, 2011, 09:09:52 pm »
here is more house objects

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