Author Topic: Just some recent railfanning vids i took.  (Read 2377 times)

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Just some recent railfanning vids i took.
« on: December 10, 2012, 06:43:21 pm »
Here's some videos I uploaded to youtube recently...

November 6th:

The T/O made a mistake at Atlantic and stopped with the first car in the station, not the last car. He pulled up after stopping and made the correct stop. The C/R I had going northbound was the same guy on this run apparently; he was talking with a track worker aboard the train about how T/Os frequently do this mistake.
SIRT Train T/O Mistake at Atlantic

More SIR at Atlantic - Notice the poor track quality causing the train to rock back and forth
R44 SIRT Train Arriving at Atlantic

R142A at Fulton Street:
R142A 4 Train Leaving Fulton Street

November 18th, 2012:

R46 R train on the Express track at 42nd to terminate at 34th:
Hurricane Sandy Reroute - R Train Arriving at 42nd Street-Times Square

Some C via the F action at Broadway-Lafayette....
Rerouted R32 C Train Leaving Broadway-Lafayette Streets

...And vice versa with the F at Franklin Avenue:
Rerouted R160A F Train Leaving Franklin Avenue

R160 Q Train at Prospect Park:
R160B Q Train Arriving at Prospect Park

R160B Q Train Leaving Prospect Park

Action at West 8th Street (Still not as good as it was pre-rebuild)
Some Time at West 8th Street

December 9th, 2012:

RFW View of the H shuttle crossing the Hammels Wye:
H Shuttle RFW View Westbound Over the Hammels Wye

A different take on the Arnines leaving Queens Plaza:
Holiday R1-9s Leaving Queens Plaza to Relay

Arnines Leaving 42nd Street:
Holiday Trip R1-9s Leaving 42nd Street