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Making All Stops : Volume One

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Hey guys, today we have a treat for everyone.  We have partnered with and they are selling their latest book, Making All Stops, NYC Subway Photography Volume One, From 1970 to 1976.  I have written a review for you all to read, cause there really is a difference in holding a set of photos in your hand, as opposed to seeing them on a screen.  All this can be found on the BVEStation Homepage.  The book has over 200 photos, in 120 pages, with no more than 3 photos per page.   The book is 8 x 1/2 x 11 all in a smooth glossy finish.  The review can be read at the following link.

After asking around, a lot of people are also interested in Volume Two of the book which shows photos from 1977 to 1989.  Volume Two will be on sale soon, but they need to generate enough interest with Volume One first.

With that said, there's more!  BVEStation is also partnering with Making All Stops to giveaway free copies of Volume One for BVEStation Members.  For the month of July, we will select one lucky BVEStation Member based on a random lottery to win a free copy of Making All Stops, Volume One.  To apply you need to purchase a contest ticket in the Forum Shop for 25 Tokens.  You will then need to use the ticket, and enter the information asked of you.  To earn tokens, you need to be an active member of the BVEStation Community, and making posts in the forum will generate tokens.  More tickets will increase your chances of winning but will not guarantee you a win.  Please do not go spamming, and make sure your posts conform to the rules.  If you refer a member to BVEStation, and that new member makes a post in the Introductions section saying you referred them, you will also earn 200 Tokens, please let me know if you do this.  Please read the contest rules for more details before applying, at  Good Luck!

Also, please do share this book/contest with others.  If you do get the book, let us know what you think about it!  :D

Any questions regarding the book, or the contest, please feel free to ask.

Please visit:

Mr Railfan:
Hey Ipac , i was wondering how the token system works. I Post alot of things on this forum ussualy development updates and photo's videos but somehow it says i have zero tokens. I was wondering how i can obtain these tokens as it seems im not generating any through posts. Anyways this seems like a great book.

Edit: Now it shows i have 8 tokens.

The token count starts today, so anything you post starting from the announcement today will count.  Any previous posts will not.  This was done to give everyone a fair chance at winning.

This is how we calculate how you will earn tokens.

10 tokens per new topic
5 tokens per post

0.05 for each word posted

There are no limits on how many tokens you can earn.

In case your wondering how we will select a winner.
When its time to run the lottery, internally we will assign a ticket # to every entry we receive, and we will use to select the winning ticket number.

One question, how do embedded pictures, videos, and links affect the token count? My suggestion would be to make each embedded picture worth 3 tokens, and embedded videos worth 5 tokens, or something like that. And as for links, the tokens generated from a posted link would depend on how long the link is or something.

Unfortunately thats a limitation that I can't get around.  Pictures, photos, and/or videos can't count.  Links can't really be measured either.  Sorry.

I did add above, how you can earn 50 tokens for referring a new member to join BVEStation.


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