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(RELEASED) Brightline for OpenBVE!


In partnership with Bluedash9 (Instagram user, we are proud to announce that we are creating all five Brightline trainsets for OpenBVE! Locomotives will be reskinned Siemens Taurus Pilot Cars with an added nose cone, and Coaches will be reskinned off of the Siemens Taurus coaches. It will come in all five colors:
Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, and Red. We will also include sounds realistic to the Siemens Charger. Unfortunately, no planned routes are being made for this set because of the complex station objects that would be needed. If anyone has an object and is willing to help out, please let me know. Screenshots coming soon!


Progress shots! Once the white is changed to black on the front, we should be ready for a release!

The Brightline Pack has been released! We are so excited to present this pack to the community. I'm sure many were waiting for it.

Download it here:


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