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I have played a bit of MSTS and openBVE and I was wondering if components such as train textures and modelling could be converted of formatted across to openBVE. I have some ideas of trains that I want to build and I feel like there must be a way of getting the textures from MSTS. In some of the trains I have used, the textures have come from MSTS. So I was wondering, is it possible to take textures from MSTS trains to use in BVE? and if so, Please could someone help?


Sir SP1900

Chris Lees (Leezer3) is modifying openBVE program code to use MSTS trains.  See this website page here

You may wish to speak with Chris about textures from MSTS for openBVE
as he is likely now a knowlegable person of this.

Good day and night for you

Thank you very much. I feel that the MSTS trains will help us make a lot of advancements in the community


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